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7 Yorkie Grooming Styles Pictures Before and After

Yorkie Grooming Styles Pictures Before and After

The lovable little yorkshire terrier is one of the most popular dog breeds. These small but mighty dogs have a sweet face that makes them perfect for families who like to get their hands dirty while they’re playing with Fido.

They also make great companions when you want your house to be full of happy sounds instead of barking. But just because these pint-sized pooches look so cute doesn’t mean that maintaining them can be easy.

Luckily there are plenty of grooming styles out there that will help keep your pet looking fresh all year long! Here we’ll take a closer look at some different types of haircuts and maintenance techniques for this favorite breed’s hair.

We’ve got everything from short cuts to longer ones — it’s up to you to pick which style works best for your Yorkie!

1. Short Hair Yorkie Before and After

Short Hair Yorkie Before and After
Short Hair Yorkie Before and After

For those who prefer a more sleek cut on their Yorkies, consider going short. This type of haircut has become very fashionable over recent years as many people opt for shorter hairstyles.

The key here is not only having a good stylist do the cutting, but keeping an eye out for new trends. You may think that Yorkies would need extra care if they had really short hair, but actually they don’t.

A Yorkie’s coat consists of layers rather than fur, so even though he might seem bald, his skin still protects him well enough.

When choosing whether to go short or let your pup grow into his natural coloration, try taking your Yorkie for regular checkups at the vet. If you notice any changes in its appearance, such as patches of missing fur, then you should definitely consult a veterinarian right away. With proper care, however, you shouldn’t run into too much trouble!

If you’d like to try using scissors to achieve a short haircut, first use nail polish remover to remove any residue left behind by waxing. Then gently trim around 1/2 inch off each side near the ears. Next, clip about another 1/2 inch off between the eyes and ears. Use clippers to finish removing loose hairs along the neckline.

Be sure to shave carefully before styling your puppy’s hair. To create volume at the top, tease away sections of hair until it looks fuller. For added texture, lightly brush through the rest of the hair with a comb dipped in pomade. Finally, apply mousse throughout the entire head to hold the style. Afterward, spritz with hairspray to lock in moisture. ­

2. Yorkie Medium Length Hair

Yorkie Medium Length Hair Before and After
Yorkie Medium Length Hair Before and After

Those who love having thick locks on their pets enjoy medium length haircuts. Whether you decide to let your Yorkie’s mane hang down past her shoulders or give her a trendy bob, remember that whatever you choose, you must maintain this style properly.

One way to ensure healthy hair growth is to groom your pet frequently. Get in touch with your animal’s instincts; brushing your Yorkie regularly helps stimulate follicles and encourages production of oils needed to prevent tangling and matting.

It’s also important to pay attention to how your pet feels after being brushed. If it seems uncomfortable, avoid brushing altogether. In addition to brushing, you can cleanse your Yorkie’s scalp every other day with shampoo designed specifically for animals. Rinse thoroughly and dry completely before wrapping your pet in a soft towel.

To help keep your puppy’s tresses moist, add conditioner once per week. Just rub a thin layer onto the ends of each hair. Avoid applying shampoos directly to the base of the ear canal since doing so could cause buildup. Also, be careful if you plan on coloring your Yorkie’s hair.

Some colors won’t mix well with certain dyes used by professionals, and others aren’t safe for puppies under 3 months old. Consult your local professional salon for advice if you feel confident working with a colored product. Make sure to rinse your Yorkie’s hair thoroughly afterward to avoid staining. ­

3. Yorkie With Long Hair

Yorkie With Long Hair Before and After
Yorkie With Long Hair Before and After

Some folks simply adore having long flowing coats for their Yorkies, especially on their smaller pets. Although it takes time to grow a beautiful wavy mane, these dogs often end up sporting gorgeous ringlets. However, growing long hair isn’t without its challenges.

First, be aware of the fact that some breeds shed less than others. While shedding can be annoying, it’s necessary for our furry friends to rid themselves of dead strands. If you own a Yorkshire Terrier with long hair, expect to spend lots of hours brushing it during springtime and summertime. During colder seasons, you’ll probably need to wash your dog’s coat twice weekly.

Second, be prepared for problems with mats. Since the fur of large dogs grows faster toward the tips, it tends to form unsightly knots called “flea collars.” Keep an eye out for these kinks whenever you play with Fido and be ready to break out the clippers quickly. Another problem you might encounter is tangles caused by wetness. Try drying your pup outside on towels overnight to avoid this issue entirely.

A major disadvantage of long hair is that it’s difficult to control. Unless you’re willing to sacrifice sleep, it’s impossible to sit back and watch TV while your pet enjoys a snooze session. On the bright side, you can always buy special combs made exclusively for Yorkies. Most come equipped with rubber teeth that grip the hair tightly, helping you tame unruly frizzies.­

4. Yorkie Comb Over Cut Hairstyle

Yorkie Comb Over Cut Before and After
Yorkie Comb Over Cut Before and After

One way to spice up your Yorkie’s appearance is to try a comb over cut. Just follow the same general steps listed above, except leave slightly longer lengths along the sides.

Once you reach the desired height, start teasing the hair into place. Using a fine toothcomb, slowly work your way across the crown, gradually increasing the amount of hair removed with each stroke.

Take caution when pulling out the stray bits, making sure not to tug hard enough to hurt your pet. By leaving some excess on the lower part of its skull, you can create a slight puffiness underneath.

Finish off by spraying a light mist of spray gel evenly over the entire head. Let stand until the gloss begins to soak in, then smooth over the entire surface with a damp cloth. Voilà! Your dog should now sport a stylish, sophisticated look that’s both chic and practical.

5. Curly Hair Yorkie Before After Picture

Curly Hair Yorkie Before After
Curly Hair Yorkie Before After

Many owners choose to curl their canine friend’s hair themselves using heated curlers.

  1. To begin, section off a portion of hair approximately 6 inches wide and 12 inches long.
  2. Apply hairspray liberally to the curls, holding them firmly in place for several minutes.
  3. Do this process three times a week for maximum results.
  4. As an alternative, you can also purchase specially formulated products designed to enhance the shape of your pet’s hair.
  5. Before giving your dog a bath, fill the tub with warm water and sprinkle baby powder inside the bowl to act as traction.
  6. Have someone hold your dog securely with a firm grasp while dipping its head underwater.
  7. Pull straight up against the grain of the hair.
  8. Dry immediately with a soft bristle brush or paper towel.
  9. Never rub your dog’s head vigorously with clothes as this can damage fragile hair shafts.
  10. Set aside any unused hairspray and allow your pet to air dry naturally. ­

6. Brushed, Chic Style (Medium-length)

Brushed, Chic Style

This particular technique involves brushing your dog’s hair into high, tight waves and then curving the bottom edge upward slightly. You might want to try experimenting with a variety of brushes to see what suits your personality best.

Whatever kind of brush you use, never brush against the direction of the flow. Instead, move the bristles parallel to the ground.

Start brushing the front half of your dog’s hair last, smoothing it downward. Brush the back halfway through. Now repeat this process again with the opposite side of the hair. Lastly, complete the job by brushing in circles all over the head.

7. Brushed Yorkie With Tips

Brushed Yorkie Before and After With Tips
Brushed Yorkie

When trying to figure out how to dress up your Yorkie, sometimes less is more. An attractive option that requires minimal upkeep is a bruskied and flicked cut. Like the name suggests, this method features quick strokes of a narrow brush followed by gentle swipes of a flat comb.

  1. Begin by washing your dog’s hair thoroughly. Choose a low-bristle brush with rounded edges.
  2. Hold the brush slanted forward across the head and sweep it diagonally downwards from left to right.
  3. Continue sweeping upwards, moving in the same direction.
  4. Repeat this motion across the top area of the hair until you reach the ear region.
  5. Next, work on each side until you reach about six inches down from the ears and then sweep downwards towards the neck once again for an hourglass silhouette look.
  6. Lastly, sweep back up towards ears and repeat step one until you’ve reached about three inches below ears again — this will produce a small bump on top of your dog’s head that is slightly curved upward in a heart shape.
  7. Afterwards, allow your dog to air dry naturally or use a soft bristled brush to gently comb out any debris or tangles remaining in his coat.

As with other hairdos, this style will most likely require regular brushing in order to maintain its appearance and appearance. ­

8. Teddy Bear Haircut Before and After

Teddy Bear Haircut Before and After
Yorkie Teddy Bear Haircut Before and After

Teddy bear haircuts is one of the most popular haircuts that you can try for your little yorkie. This style can be used on any breed of dog, they will look cute and beautiful when they walk and run.

Those are 8 hairstyle ideas that you can try for your little yorkie, hope you get some interesting ideas to try from the haircuts style list above.

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