Custom Dog Kennels

Custom Dog Kennels for upscale grooming salons, pet hotels, pet day care, and more! These kennels have caught the attention of many professionals in the U.S. and abroad, featured in magazines, websites, blogs, and groomer forums for years.

Frustrated with not being able to find functional, durable, space saving, beautiful kennels without bars; award winning Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe, designed their own luxury dog kennels.  After repeated requests; Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe is producing this unique, custom, product for the pet service industry. These beautiful kennels are now available to order and ship all over the U.S. Designed, tried, and tested in existing upscale, high volume salons. Every set is custom, unique, and beautiful! These Custom Dog Kennels are sure to meet your fancy and delight your 2 and 4 legged clients for years to come!

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3 “2-stacked” Custom Dog Kennels side by side.


Features of our Custom Dog Kennels:

  • Each “2-stack” (top & bottom sold together) are placed on heavy duty castors for easy mobility.
  • Each “2-stack” can be used as 2 extra large kennels or turned into 4 kennels.
  • Kennels are extra tall to hold large dogs on top and bottom.
  • Custom removable heavy duty plastic divider with handle.
  • Custom removable heavy duty plastic grates. These are more comfortable for pets and avoid getting toes/tags stuck.
  • Removable Potty pans.
  • Ventilation system includes back exhaust fan in each kennel as well as breathing holes on each side.
  • Doors with tempered glass and locks with keys.
  • Your Choice of 3 different colors: black, white, & mahogany.
  • Your Choice of theme & 3 color combination.
custom dog kennel, custom dog kennels, professional dog kennels, pet hotel suites

1 Kennel in Production (These are sold as “2-Stacks” with one on top of the other.)


Sizing: Each Kennel are sized 40inches high by 49.5 inches wide. Their depth is 24.75 inches. These are sold in “2-stacks” with one on top of the other or 2 large kennels that turn into 4 kennels. The total height for the “2 stack” of kennels with castors are 86 inches. For shipment, these are packaged and shipped separately to fit into most moving trucks and door frames. The holes are pre-drilled and hardware is included for minimal assembly.

Pricing: Each “2-Stack” includes: 4 kennels on 4 castors, 4 removable potty pans, 4 removable kennel grates, 2 removable heavy duty plastic dividers, 4 doors with tempered glass, 4 locks with keys, 2 exhaust fan circulation systems, choice of kennel color, and choice of theme & 3color combination install:  $3500.

Production Time: Once we have received payment and complete custom order with colors/theme selected; our turn around time is normally 2-8weeks depending on availability and vendors. Shipping is normally 1-2 weeks extra depending on the shipping method you’ve chosen.

Shipping: Shipping is extra and can be arranged by either party. We recommend Uship or another bulk ship or transportation company. Example: A company purchased 3 “2-stacks” from California to Texas at a cost of $800 for shipping. Shipping can take 1-2 weeks.

Ordering: We accept payment via Pay Pal, Credit Card, Check, Cash, Money Order, Money Gram, and Western Union or direct bank transfer. All money sent via check, Money Order, Western Union, and Money Gram must clear before production begins.  To order your Custom Dog Kennels and or further inquiries, please email or call and speak to Mrs. Michelle. 619-692-0962 press *

Returns: All of our orders are custom and therefore cannot be returned. However; your satisfaction is our guarantee. We send photos/options to your for your perusal and a photo of your finished product before we ship to guarantee your satisfaction before we ship.