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9 Poodle Grooming Styles Before and After Pictures

Poodle Grooming Styles Before and After Pictures

Poodles can be the cutest little dogs around. They’re smart, friendly, and they’ll love you right back. These cute puppies aren’t just adorable — they also have some specific grooming needs that other toy breeds don’t share. This is especially true when it comes to their coat. Fortunately, there’s no need to worry about these things because we’ve got your covered. Here are 9 tips on how to groom your new pet poodle puppy.

1. Long Coat Poodle Before and After

Long Coat Poodle Before and After
Long Coat Poodle Before and After Picture

The most common hair style among toy poodles is short but long enough to keep them looking good as well as healthy. A variety of different types of fur will help achieve this look. It’s important not only to use the best quality shampoo available but also to conditioner.

Even though it may seem like a lot of work, this extra effort will pay off by making sure your dog has shiny, soft fur all year round. And if the weather gets too hot outside, simply put your Poodle pup inside so he doesn’t get overheated.

2. Poodle Medium Length Hair

Poodle Medium Length Hair
Poodle Medium Length Hair before and after

Another popular option among toy poodles is medium length coats. Some people prefer this type of look while others find that shorter haired varieties create more “flavor” than longer ones do. Whatever kind of hair style suits your lifestyle best, make sure that you always brush out any tangles before taking your pet outdoors. If his coat starts getting matted up, clip away at those knots until everything looks nice again.

3. Curly or Wavy Haired Poodle

Curly or Wavy Haired Poodle
Curly or Wavy Haired Poodle before after cut

If your Poodle does happen to come equipped with curls or waves, then you’ll want to take care of them properly. Never try to comb curly hairs straight down without using an appropriate styling product. You should also avoid brushing wet fur, which could cause tangling. Instead, dry your dog first before running a comb through its locks.

Also, don’t forget to trim stray pieces of fur. When you see that one small section has gotten way too long, it’s time to give yourself a haircut. Don’t fret over doing something drastic here, however. Just go ahead and shave it all off. Not only will this provide some much needed focus to your furry friend’s appearance, but it might even make him feel better.

4. Shorthair – Spiked Look

Shorthair - Spiked Look Poodle
Shorthair – Spiked Look Poodle

For those who own toy poodles with spiked hair, proper brushing techniques are essential. Always remember to start from the bottom layer of spikes (the part closest to the ears) and slowly move towards the top layers (closest to the tail).

Take special note of where each set of spikes begins and ends, then gently run your fingers along each strand to separate it into individual hairs. Once separated, lightly shake excess water droplets from the fur. Avoid rubbing your Poodle’s head vigorously after washing because it could damage the delicate skin. Afterward, apply some sort of conditioning treatment to prevent tangling.

5. Dense Fur Poodle

Dense Fur Poodle

Long, thick fur is definitely appealing, but it can also lead to matting problems. To combat this issue, you must learn how to detangle your pet’s fur effectively. Start at the tip of the paw and begin pulling upwards toward the root. Then rinse out your hands thoroughly afterwards.

Keep your tools clean and sanitary, too. Make sure never to touch your Poodle directly during grooming sessions. Use disposable razors or brushes instead whenever possible. Finally, don’t forget to exfoliate regularly. By removing dead cells, you encourage fresh growth.

6. Trimmed Cut With a Slight Angle

Trimmed Cut With a Slight Angle

Whether you chose to shave your Poodle’s entire head or merely a few inches worth, keeping the edges trimmed can really add flair to your pet’s overall appearance. Try to maintain a uniform angle throughout the cutting process. Cutting angles shouldn’t vary by more than 5 degrees. However, if you notice that one side seems to require more attention than the other, it’s probably time to give your pet a real haircut.

7. Medium to Long Locks

Medium to Long Locks
Medium to Long Locks Poodle Pictures

With regard to their tails, many owners choose to leave theirs natural or clipped according to breed standards. Either way, it’s crucial to know what shape your Poodle came with in order to determine whether or not it requires additional maintenance.

While normal poodles usually carry either rounded, curved, or tapered styles, toy poodles tend to have thinner variations that include pointy tops. If you’re unsure about what yours looks like, ask someone else who owns a similar breed.

8. Loose Set of Pet Accessories for Your Toy Poodle

Loose Set of Pet Accessories for Your Toy Poodle

It goes without saying that a great collar helps showcase your Poodle’s unique personality. But aside from that, it’s important to consider other accessories such as leashes, harnesses, collars, and leads. In addition to being practical, these items sometimes offer aesthetic appeal as well. Whether it’s made of leather or nylon, choosing the correct accessory can further enhance your pet’s overall appearance.

9. The Best Choice in Clothing For Your Poodle

The Best Choice in Clothing For Your Puppy

While your Poodle is still young, clothing isn’t exactly necessary. Instead, opt to let your pet wear whatever happens to catch its eye at every given moment. As far as cleaning products, it’s recommended that you stick to simple soap and water solutions for both indoor and outdoor pets. On occasion, you might encounter situations that call for stronger chemicals. Whenever this occurs, consult your veterinarian immediately.

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