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8 Best Owl Nesting Box Ideas | DIY Plans

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Best Owl Nesting Box Ideas

There are millions of birds in the world today. Some have their own habitats and some live among us as our house pets. But there is one bird who has been featured prominently on greeting cards over the years. And while it may be small compared to other feathered friends, this adorable little creature holds a special place in many people’s hearts. It is also known as the wise old owl or simply “the cute owl.”

The barn owl is perhaps the most well-known type of all owls. They look like large black fowl sitting atop treetops with big round eyes and long ears. These creatures eat mostly rodents but will take down smaller prey if they feel threatened by larger animals such as cats or hawks. However, what makes them especially unique is that these owlets aren’t really closely related to any other living species of owl.

Instead, they belong to the order Strigiformes which includes about 200 different types of owls from around the globe. Barn Owls tend to prefer forested areas where they sleep during the day and hunt at night. While owls generally lay eggs in tree cavities, the barn owl prefers hollow logs. This is why we see so many of these delightful characters scouring through discarded lumber yards looking for the perfect spot to call home.
Here are 8 owl nesting box ideas that you can try right now!

1. Unique Nesting Box

Unique Nesting Box

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary for your barn owl, consider creating a custom nesting box using wood planks instead of traditional materials such as cardboard boxes or plastic containers. You can find free plans online for building simple wooden nesting boxes. To create a unique design for your owl’s new bedroom, search Pinterest boards dedicated specifically to barn owl crafts. There are dozens of creative designs available. One popular style features a plywood base topped with branches and twigs.

Another option requires cutting slits along two sides of the top board to allow air flow between each level. Others feature cutouts made from cardstock or paper mache. Once built, decorate the walls inside using natural items found nearby. A few ideas include shells, acorns, leaves, pine cones, seeds, feathers, grasses, straw, dried flowers, sticks, bark, berries, and even hay. In addition to providing shelter for the baby owls, decorations help mask noise and reduce anxiety for adults returning to the area after dark.

2. Simple Nests for Small Birds

Simple Nests for Small Birds

For those who want a simpler solution to starting a family, consider building a minimalist nesting box for barn owls. Made from recycled material, these tiny homes consist of just three layers separated by foam insulation. All three pieces are held together with tape.

Inside the box, use strips of corkboard covered with felt to provide additional protection against drafts. On the outside, attach decorative stickers featuring owls, trees, or nature scenes. When finished, hang the box near a window or door where the barn owls can enter easily. Be sure to remove the sticker before winter since the owls typically hibernate during cold weather months.

For another minimalism option, choose the smallest size box possible when selecting a nesting location. Then fill the bottom half with pebbles or moss to give the owls extra comfort. Fill the middle section with shredded newspaper and cover the entire structure with a layer of fiberfill stuffing. Finally, add a piece of carpet underlay under the entrance flap to protect floors and keep burrows clean. Hang the box above ground to ensure proper drainage.

Once completed, secure the box to a branch or pole using strong rope or wire ties. Allow enough room for the owlet to move its head freely without hitting the sides. Now you’ll never need to buy expensive food again because the owls will do that themselves.

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3. DIY Bird Feeder and Nesting Box Combo

DIY Bird Feeder and Nesting Box Combo

This combo package comes complete with everything needed to start raising barn owls. Simply assemble the kit according to instructions and hang it in a convenient location. Set up several feeders filled with sugary snacks and water sources. Place seed trays next to the feeding stations to attract hungry visitors.

Afterward, encourage parents to bring back proof of successful breeding including pictures and videos taken by digital cameras to show off the offspring. At last, watch as the babies begin flying away into the sunset.

4. Wooden Nesting Boxes Art Project Ideas

Wooden Nesting Boxes Art Project Ideas

Looking for ways to teach kids art skills? Give them the opportunity to craft their very own barn owl habitat artwork project. With detailed step-by-step diagrams, these fun projects don’t require much supervision. Plus, the final product looks amazing hanging on your wall. To get started, gather supplies from hardware stores as follows:

  1. Two 2×12 inch nails
  2. One 1×24 inch nail
  3. Hammer
  4. Nail set
  5. Scissors
  6. Waxed canvas poster board
  7. Tracing paper
  8. Black construction paper
  9. Markers
  10. Poster paints
  11. Glue stick
  12. Sandpaper
  13. Cotton balls
  14. Needle and thread

While the children paint, draw, and glue, let them listen to educational stories. Songs like Little Red Riding Hood, Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh, and others contain good lessons for young minds. Not only does listening to music improve brain development in infants and toddlers, singing songs with lyrics helps older students memorize vocabulary words and concepts better.

5. Building a Naturalistic Nesting Box

Building a Naturalistic Nesting Box

Combine arts and science activities with woodworking tools to create interesting structures. Since young boys often enjoy working with power drills and saws, this activity focuses on designing and constructing a miniature version of a barn owl’s natural environment. First, purchase a pair of scissors, glue, pencil, ruler, protractor, screwdriver, tape measure, hammer, drill, pliers, sandpaper, utility knife, and painter’s palette. Next, select four 4×4-inch sections of hardwoods suitable for carving.

With adult assistance, mark lines across the width of each timber measuring approximately 3/16 inches apart. Use a band saw or handsaw to slice parallel to these guidelines. Carve designs into the flat side of each log corresponding to the shape of the barn owl’s body, wings, tail, bill, legs, feet, talons, and eye openings. Cut notches at 45° angles into the ends of each carved block to form legs and talon supports. Glue each leg onto the appropriate end of the main post. Let dry completely. Repeat process for remaining posts.

Use screws to fasten crosspieces horizontally to hold the blocks upright. Cover exposed surfaces with carpentered shims. Using a square and compass, mark locations for holes drilled on opposite corners of the box frame to accommodate dowels used later to support the roof.

Drill pilot holes and widen opening slightly with a countersink bit until depth reaches 1/32 inch. Attach shims beneath frames to prevent splitting. Sand edges smooth with fine grit sandpaper. Stain the exterior with oil stain mixed with linseed oil equal parts. Apply primer first and finish with coats of brown washable paint. Before finishing, apply thinned coat of clear sealant.

6. Build Your Own Nesting Box

Build Your Own Nesting Box

You can try making an owl nest box as seen above, it only takes a little wood and nails to connect it, try to use quality wood so that the owl’s nest is durable and long lasting, the idea of ​​making a nest box is quite good, right?

7. Customize your own owl nests box

Customize your own owl nests box

You can customize the shape and design of the owl’s nest that you want, like the owl’s nest above, maybe you will find it quite difficult to design it yourself, you can follow various methods and step by step to make a customized owl’s nest on youtube, good luck!.

8.Build an easy nest box on a budget

Build an easy nest box on a budget

Nest boxes on a limited budget may not be as good as other nest boxes that are more luxurious and expensive, but you can still make the same design using only a limited budget like the nest box example above, there are many other unique and interesting designs that you can choose. try, it depends on your creativity.

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