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10 Maltese Haircuts Before and After | Grooming Styles Pictures

Maltese Haircuts Before and After

While the Maltese is a small dog that only weighs about five pounds (two kilograms), it’s known for its fluffy white fur coat.

With so many different colors of fur on one animal, you can be sure there are tons of hairstyles out there for your pet. And if you’re looking to add some variety in your Maltese’s hair do, here are 10 haircut options from long to short.

1. Long Fluffy Hair Before and After

Maltese Long Fluffy Hair Before After
Maltese Long Fluffy Hair Before After

The most common style seen on Maltese dogs is this long full-coverage cut. It gives the appearance of longer legs than shorter ones because the ends of the hair cover up the front part of their bodies. This kind of haircut usually falls somewhere between chin length and shoulder length.

This cut works well for pets that have thick coats or those who want their Maltese to look like they have fuller hair coverage. If you want to keep your Maltese’s hair as short as possible but still keeping them protected from cold climates, then go for this cut as it will also help keep their heads warm while outside.

If you have very curly fur, you may notice that this cut won’t work for you. In this case, try going for an undercut or just cutting off all of your dog’s curls.

2. Short White Fur Cut

Short White Fur Cut
Maltese Short White Fur Cut

Looking for a simple way to make your Maltese more presentable? Then you should consider getting a short white fur cut. Although this might not be everyone’s first choice, it does give your pet a clean and sleek look.
It gives the illusion that the Maltese has longer legs since it looks like his/her head is sitting at the top of their torso.

A short white fur cut is best for Maltese owners who prefer having their dogs’ faces visible when they walk around. For example, if you have a Maltese that likes to sniff things or bark at passersby, this particular haircut would be ideal for him/her.

As mentioned earlier, this type of haircut is perfect for people with curly fur. But if you don’t mind your dog being slightly bald in certain areas, you could get away with a little less hair.

3. Maltese Black Hairstyle

Maltese Black Hairstyle Before and After
Maltese Black Hairstyle Before and After

For someone wanting to show off their personality through their pet, a black hairdo is probably the best option. This type of haircut is typically achieved by shaving off all of your pet’s fur except for the blackest parts.

You could even let your Maltese grow their undercoat longer to create the effect. A black hairdo is a great way to showcase your pet’s unique coloring. Depending on how much fur you shave off, you can achieve a wide range of styles from straight to curly.

If your Maltese is a bit older, you’ll need to take into account how old he/she is when deciding how much to shave off. Older Maltese tend to have thicker undercoats which require shaving off more of their fur. Younger Maltese are fine with a little less.

4. The Mohawk

Maltese The Mohawk Before and After
Maltese Mohawk Style Before and After

This popular trend right now involves shaving off all of your pet’s fur except for two strips near their nose and ears. These two sections are left unshaved and curled upward for a mohawk.

This style comes in lots of variations depending on where you decide to curl up your pet’s hair. You could either curl it upwards towards the back of the head or towards the tip of the tail. Although it seems like it’d be difficult to maintain, a good groomer should be able to help you out with this style.

Mohawks are a fun alternative to giving your pet a shaved haircut. They often match any outfit your Maltese owns.

5. Side Parted Hairdo with Bangs

Side Parted Hairdo with Bangs Before After Picture
Maltese Side Parted Hairdo with Bangs

Another trendy new trend for Maltese owners is the side parted hairdo with bangs. Just like the name suggests, this haircut makes it appear that your pet’s hair is divided down the middle.

Like other types of haircuts, getting a side parted hairdo with bangs involves trimming off a portion of your dog’s hair. However, unlike regular cuts, the amount of hair removed is equal along both sides of the dog’s face.

In addition to making your Maltese look presentable, this haircut also creates a nice focal point for your pet’s features. This is especially true if you have a Maltese whose eyes are wider than their muzzle. To pull this look off perfectly, you’ll need to find a stylist who knows what they’re doing.

6. Maltese Medium Length Hair Before and After

Maltese Medium Length Hair Before and After
Medium Length Hair

Look at this before and after maltese haircut picture above, If you’ve always wanted a medium cut for your Maltese but were afraid to go too far above the shoulders, this is the style for you. Instead of shaving off the entire section of your pet’s hair, you simply remove the bulk of it and leave a few inches to frame your dog’s face.

Medium length pixies come in various lengths — you can choose anything ranging from chin-length to shoulder-length.

Just remember that the shorter the better. Don’t feel obligated to let your Maltese look like a human doll. There’s no need to have their heads chopped off!

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7. Maltese Simple Style Picture

Maltese Simple Style Picture Before and After
Maltese Simple Style Picture

Similar to a medium length cut, this simple style keeps your pet’s neck free from unwanted attention. By removing most of the bulkiness from their necks, a lot of space opens up allowing for easier air circulation.

This simple cut are also commonly used by other dog breeds for their natural hairstyles. So why shouldn’t we use it for our Maltese?

8. Messy layered Haircut Style

Maltese Messy layered Haircut Style
Maltese Messy layered Haircut Style

Some Maltese owners prefer letting their pets sport messy layers all over their fur. While these kinds of haircuts aren’t really a style anymore, they’re still worth mentioning because of how practical they can be.

If you live in a colder climate, it’s important to protect your pet’s skin from harsh weather elements. Messy layered hair helps keep moisture trapped inside your Maltese’s outer layer of fur. As a result, your pet stays warmer during the winter months.

Messy layers are also useful if you travel frequently with your pet. Keeping their hair neat allows for easy brushing and combing.

But if you aren’t comfortable grooming your Maltese every time you pack up, you should consider getting a professional groomer to handle this chore instead.

9. Curly Haircut Before After

Maltese Curly Haircut Before After
Maltese Curly Haircut Before After

Curly haircut are another fashionable new trend for Maltese owners. Similar to the previously discussed undercut, soft curls involve curling up the edges of your pet’s short hair. They’re mostly done using heated tools such as hot rollers and curlers. However, if you happen to have a cool iron at home, you could also use it to achieve this same effect. To avoid damaging your pet’s hair, you should only apply heat sparingly.

10. Maltese With Bun

Maltese With Bun

Maltese owners who enjoy fashion trends sometimes opt for high buns. Like the previous styles, this haircut involves shaving off a large portion of your pet’s undercoat.

Unlike other forms of high bun haircuts, however, this version requires you to clip your pet’s remaining hair into a bun. This is accomplished by creating several points along your dog’s scalp and tying each of them together.

Depending on how skilled you are with this technique, you can end up with a completely flat bun, or a bun with slight waves.

Either way, this style adds a lot of volume to your pet’s head so it appears larger. And although this might not be the most attractive look, it’s definitely functional. Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments.

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