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15 Labradoodle Grooming Styles Ideas Before and After

Labradoodle Grooming Styles Ideas Before and After

Labradoodle is a cross between a Labrador retriever and an Poodle that has brought about some interesting variations in appearance for these two breeds. The combination creates dogs with unique personalities as well as physical characteristics. One such characteristic is their fur coloration.

Both the Labrador retriever and the Poodle tend to shed quite often. Therefore it’s important when choosing your Labradoodle hairstyle that you choose one that will be easy to keep clean. Here are six different Labradoodle haircuts ideas to help you decide which style best suits your personality and lifestyle.

1. Labradoole Long Hair Haircut Before and After

Labradoole Long Hair Haircut Before and After
Labradoole Long Hair Haircut Before and After

The long-haired variety can look great if handled properly. Long hair on a small pet like a Labradoodle can sometimes require extra attention during its life span. It requires more time to groom and care for a longer coat than a shorter one. However, there are many ways to trim or clip this type of coat so that it looks good and also keeps it from getting matted up.

Ideas for cutting long hair include:

2. Labradoodle With Bun

Labradoodle with Bun
Labradoodle with Bun

A bun allows for quick styling without having to worry about tangling while running around after your pooch. If done right, it can really compliment the natural looking doggie ears. Of course, don’t forget to add earrings!

3. Trimmed Style Before and After

Trimmed Style Before and After
Trimmed Style Before and After

When clipping a long hair Labradoodle, try keeping it trimmed at least twice a week. You’ll want to make sure that any mats are removed before they become permanent by using scissors to remove them manually.

After doing this, use clippers to get rid of any stray hairs that may still remain. Make sure that you’re careful not to cut too close because this could result in matting again later down the line. Don’t forget to give yourself enough room to move your hands freely behind your pup’s head.

4. Shaggy Style Before and After

Another option is going with a flat top instead of shaggy hair. Just remember to always take into account how much space you need to work within when making your choice.

There are certain areas where you shouldn’t cut all the way through the coat just yet. For example, you should leave most of the hair intact below the bottom lip area. Doing this helps protect sensitive skin underneath. Also, avoid overcutting along the spine and neckline.

These areas usually receive less wear and tear and are very valuable parts of your pet’s anatomy. They’re especially important when dealing with long haired pets.

5. Full Back Haircut

Full Back Haircut
Full Back Haircut

Depending upon what part of town you live in, you might find your Labradoodle shedding lots of hair throughout the day. Since she sheds so frequently, consider taking out her bath everyday so that you won’t end up accidentally stepping in wet shampoo or soap. In addition, you might opt for removing the entire back side of your Labradoodle’s hair.

Not only does this save you money but it also saves you from worrying about whether you’ve brushed your pet recently enough.

As for the sides, depending on how thick your Labradoodle’s fur is, you might go with either a shaved or clipped version. Again, it depends on what kind of environment you live in and how active your Labradoodle tends to be.

Some people prefer shaving off the majority of the fur while others feel that a full crop works better. Whichever you choose, just remember that you need enough length left above your pet’s eyes.

6. Labradoodle Furry Face Before and After

Labradoodle Furry Face Before and After
Labradoodle Furry Face Before and After

Most Labradoodles possess facial markings similar to cats. While this may seem cute at times, it can also cause problems if allowed to grow unchecked. Try brushing your dog’s face daily to eliminate loose hair and dead cells.

Keep in mind that your Labradoodle doesn’t understand English well enough to tell you when he wants his food changed. So, you’ll probably have to ask him politely every now and then.

7. Short Hair Labradoodle Before and After

Short Hair Labradoodle Before and After
Short Hair Labradoodle Before and After

If you’d rather have a shorter hair style for your Labradoodle then here are some suggestions for you:

8. Easy Labradoodle Haircut

Easy Labradoodle Haircut
Easy Labradoodle Haircut

With this particular haircut, you simply shave off the tips of your Labradoodle’s hair until you reach approximately 3 inches. Then, continue the rest of the haircut to form a level fringe. To finish things off, lightly brush your pooch’s hair once everything is finished.

9. Mohawk Style

Labradoodle mohawk style
Labradoodle mohawk style
  1. This is another popular Labradoodle cut that gives off the impression of a spiky Mohawk.
  2. Simply start by shaving the hair down the middle of your Labradoodle’s forehead.
  3. Next, begin brushing the edges of the bald spot down toward your nose.
  4. Finally, take this same process down the center of each ear and comb the ends under.

Your final step would be to cut away those remaining sections of hair that hang past your face. Once you’re satisfied with the results, gently run your fingers through your dog’s hair to smooth everything out.

10. Short Haircut

Short Haircut Before and After
Short Haircut Before and After

Similar to the bobbed haircut idea, this one involves chopping off the tip of your Labradoodle’s hair. Instead of leaving it halfway down your dog’s muzzle though, you would cut it off completely.

Do this by first parting your Labradoodle’s hair horizontally across the scalp. From there, slice straight down the middle of the split with a pair of scissors.

Take a second cut directly across the other half of the split. Continue this pattern until you arrive at the desired length. Afterward, use a rat tail comb to separate any stray pieces of hair and smooth everything down.

11. Black Labradoodle Haircut Before and After

Black Labradoodle Haircut Before and After
Black Labradoodle Haircut Before and After

Black Labradoodles typically come equipped with coats that resemble real animal fur. While these types of coats aren’t necessarily bad, they do tend to attract dirt and debris more easily. That’s why we recommend cleaning them regularly by washing with mild detergent solution and rinsing thoroughly afterwards.

Afterwards, apply conditioner to both your Labradoodle’s hair and coat. By following this routine, you’re helping to maintain healthy growth patterns and reduce the amount of unsightly mats.

12. Shedding Hairs

Black Labradoodle Shedding Hairs
Black Labradoodle Shedding Hairs

During warm seasons, shedding happens faster due to increased activity levels. Unfortunately, this also leads to more shedding of hirsute features. While it may seem cruel, this isn’t something you should fret about since shedding is normal. Even if your Labradoodle was born with this trait, chances are it didn’t happen overnight.

Your dog likely picked up the habit somewhere along the line. All you need to do is deal with it accordingly. Use a soft bristle brush to sweep away excess bits and pieces of dander.

Additionally, you can even purchase products designed to prevent excessive shedding. Lastly, remember to wash your Labradoodle’s face once a month. This will ensure that no unwanted oils build up beneath the chin.

13. Labradoodle Teddie Bear Cut

Labradoodle Teddie Bear Cut

For the ultimate casual look, you can’t beat the teddy bear cut. This is definitely one of our favorite Labradoodle cuts. Its versatility makes it perfect for almost anyone who owns a Labradoodle regardless of age, gender, size, etc…

With this particular cut, you simply trim the outermost layer of the fur near your Labradoodle’s shoulders. From there, extend the remainder of the hair downward till it reaches the ground. Next, take a piece of tape and draw three lines parallel to each other vertically down the center of your Labradoodle’s body.

Begin splitting the hair evenly between the lines starting at the shoulder region and continuing downwards towards your dog’s belly button. Remember to stop cutting whenever necessary to allow for additional layers of fur to grow back. Before finally finishing things off, brush your Labradoodle’s hair to achieve a nice flowing effect.

14. Labradoodle Summer Cut

Labradoodle Summer Cut
Labradoodle Summer Cut Before and After

As you know, summers are hot season. Thick fur will make your dog feel hot, so it’s better to choose a short haircut for your Labradoodle like the picture above. There are more plenty of options available for you and your Labradoodle. You can try this simple idea for your Labradoodle.

15. Simple Cut You Can Try

Simple Cut You Can Try For Your Dog
Simple Cut You Can Try For Your Dog

This is a simple beach cut that focuses primarily on highlighting your Labradoodle’s naturally occurring wagging tails.

  1. Start by gathering together all the hair on the underside of your dog’s neck and torso.
  2. Extend the section further below the waist until it meets the ground.
  3. Then, gather the hair extending upward from below your dog’s rear legs.
  4. Create a slight curve where the two meet and secure them together with a rubber band.
  5. At last, wrap the extended portion around itself a few times to form a sort of bow.
  6. Gently pull the lower section forward slightly to enhance the overall look.

Those are some tips and ideas that you can try for your dog haircuts, happy grooming!

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