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9 Goldendoodle Grooming Styles Before and After With Tips

Goldendoodle Grooming Styles Before and After With Tips

Goldendoodles also known as the Groodle look cute and sweet but can also be stubborn as all get out! They need to know what you expect from them in order to thrive — so it’s important that they learn your commands for things like sit or stay. It is equally vital that the dog understands how its coat should look at any given time of day.

Goldies will have a variety of different looks depending on their hair length, texture, color and amount of fur around their face area. Here are some general guidelines for looking after this unique breed of dogs with long coats.

1. Long Hair Goldendoodle

Long Hair Goldendoodle Before and After
Long Hair Goldendoodle Before and After

If you’re interested in keeping your goldendoodle short, then selecting one whose fur is naturally longer than yours might not work well if you want to make him shorter down the road. If he has longer hair, try cutting his fur a little bit shorter to avoid having a shaggy mess when you decide to shave off those extra inches.

2. Short Hair Goldendoodle

Short Hair Goldendoodle Before and After
Short Hair Goldendoodle Before and After

The opposite end of the spectrum seems to apply here. With short hair, there are many types available. The ones with the shortest hairs tend to shed more often and may require frequent brushing

On the other hand, Groodle with medium-length hair seem to do just fine without much attention. When looking into which type would suit your lifestyle best, consider whether you’d rather spend more time playing with your pet or simply spending quality bonding time alone with him.

3. Coarse Coat

Coarse Coat Before and After
Coarse Coat Before and After

This means the pelt is full and thick (not thin), with no undergrowth of softness. Some say these dogs resemble sheep because of the coarse nature of their fur. While some people prefer a coarser style of goldendoodle coat, others opt for softer versions with plenty of underbrush.

For example, the rough coat may create an unappealing appearance while a wavier, curly coat creates a really nice fluffy effect. This decision largely depends upon personal preference since both options are popular among owners who own this particular breed.

4. Thicker Coats Before and After

Thicker Coats Before and After
Thicker Coats Before and After

Like the short coated Groodle, these guys come in various sizes. But unlike their counterparts, they sometimes have thicker coats.

Depending on the individual, the hair may grow thinner toward the tail. Also, due to the fact that the goldendoodle was bred for herding purposes, it’s believed that these dogs’ ears remain somewhat small compared to other members of the canine family.

5. Goldendoodle Before and After Hair Cut

Goldendoodle Before and After Hair Cut
Goldendoodle Before and After Hair Cut

Your goldendoodle needs a haircut every once in a while to ensure that his hair doesn’t become too long. To trim his hair, hold the scissors close to the skin near his neck and cut evenly throughout his entire scalp.

Trim away any unnecessary bits until only a portion of hair reaches his shoulders. If you feel uncomfortable using scissors yourself, ask someone else to perform the task instead.

6. Goldendoodle Medium Length Hair

Goldendoodle Medium Length Hair Before and After
Goldendoodle Medium Length Hair Before and After

Trimming medium-length goldendoodle is relatively simple since the process involves removing the same number of hairs as you added earlier. Simply follow the previous steps except use a wider-toothed comb to loosen the tightest sections.

7. Goldendoodle Grooming Tips

Goldendoodle Grooming Tips
Goldendoodle Grooming Tips
  1. To maintain your goldendoodle’s tresses, brush aside loose strands gently with a comb.
  2. Avoid pulling on your pet’s hair since doing so could cause tangling problems later on.
  3. Clip stray ends with regular nail clippers. Using a wide-toothed comb, remove any remaining hairs behind your pet’s ears.
  4. Then use a pair of sharp scissors to clip off any excess growth above his eyebrows. Next, use scissors to shorten the remainder of his hair.
  5. Finally, use a comb to smooth down any curls left by clipping.

Here are some more tips you can try:

  1. Brush your goldendoodle’s coat regularly to prevent matting.
  2. Use a damp cloth to clean dirt and dust particles out of his coat.
  3. Brushing helps eliminate dead hair follicles, which can lead to mild irritation.
  4. Rinse your hands thoroughly whenever you touch your pet’s wet fur.
  5. Dry his coat completely before putting on clothing that touches his skin.
  6. Make sure that none of your clothes contain wool fibers since these can irritate sensitive areas.
  7. Be careful not to pull on your pet’s hair, especially around his muzzl.
  8. Remember to wash your hands before feeding him food or offering treats. An occasional bath won’t hurt either.

8. Goldendoodle With Short Hair Grooming Tips

You can groom your goldie’s shorter coat by following exactly the same instructions listed previously.

  1. Start by brushing his undercoat to free any debris stuck within the fur.
  2. Then, run fingers lightly along his spine to separate any mats.
  3. Take note that you shouldn’t go overboard trying to untangle knots or tangles since doing so could damage your pet’s fragile skin.
  4. Finish up by washing your hands carefully.
  5. Never expose your pet to direct sunlight when cleaning his shorter coat. Heat can burn his delicate skin faster than normal.

9. Grooming Tips For Goldendoodle with Medium-length Hair

Because your goldendoodle’s coat grows over time, it can be hard to figure out how long it is. To figure out how big he is, he needs to measure a number of places on his body and line them up with each other.

t’s best to measure him at the widest part of his waistline. As soon as you know these measurements, divide them into three equal parts to figure out how many inches of fur are on top of him.

Then, subtract this number from the total measurement to get the correct amount of underlayer. Afterward, you’ll figure out how many times you’ll do this until you reach the bottom layer of his skin.

Now that you have read about ten goldendoodle grooming tips, it’s time to start picking out a new hairdo for your special friend. You can even mix and match these basic styles to create new looks. Just remember to select colors that blend well with your home decor and wardrobe preferences. After choosing a haircut and color scheme, use our additional information below to choose accessories to complement your fresh look.

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