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15 Outstanding DIY Ferret Hutch Ideas You Can Try

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Outstanding DIY Ferret Hutch Ideas You Can Try

You’ve made the decision to become a pet parent. Now what? If you’re like most people, you probably have a few questions about how much space you’ll need to accommodate your new furry friend. What kind of cage do I need? Where can I put my cat or dog bowl? How big should my litter box be? And how will I know if my ferret is happy when he’s sleeping inside? We get it — ferrets are small mammals who don’t exactly require a lot of square footage to live comfortably. But even though they’re tiny little furballs, you want to make sure they have enough room to exercise, play and sleep without feeling cramped.

Here are 14 standout DIY ferret hutches that could fit any personality and budget. You may find yourself inspired to build one, or maybe you’ll just want to use these designs as starting points for your own unique creations. Either way, enjoy!

1.The mini-mansion DIY

The mini-mansion DIY

A cute and compact space makes this adorable lofted apartment feel spacious. The bedroom has plenty of storage and there is also a small bathroom for easy access to water and waste disposal. This lofted unit is perfect for smaller animals like ferrets.

2.A cozy hideaway

A cozy hideaway

This sweet and simple cottage would look great in almost any backyard (and you can always add a little porch). You can easily customize it by changing up colors and adding accessories. The open floor plan provides lots of space for playing and relaxing.

3.The rustic retreat

The rustic retreat

Make nature come alive with this charming cabin. With its cedar siding and natural wood details, this rustic structure evokes feelings of being tucked away into the woods. There is a full bathtub so you can take a nice soak after exploring the outdoors.

4.Add some color to your space with this fun and funky design.

Add some color to your space with this fun and funky design

Doing something colorful never hurt anyone. If you love bright pops of color, then this adorable home might be right up your alley. The kitchen features a sink, stove and refrigerator. All three pieces are painted white. The walls are also white with a splash of pink here and there.

5.Be like the bees…

Be like the bees…

It doesn’t get more pet friendly than this adorable house nestled among flowers. Inside you’ll find everything you need for daily care including food bowls, toys and water dishes. There is also a comfy bed and space for storing supplies. Outside, you’ll discover a covered patio area complete with pergola, grass roof, flower beds and trees.

6.Ferret proof your closet…or not

Ferret proof your closet…or not

If you’re looking for a quirky space that’s both functional and stylish, consider building a closet that doubles as a home office. In addition to having ample storage, this space is designed to fit two desks and four chairs. To create the illusion of additional space, the ceiling is higher than normal and painted white. You can choose from a variety of fabrics and paint colors to decorate your workspace.

7.A secret garden oasis

A secret garden oasis

Whether you prefer to spend time outside or inside, this pet friendly cottage offers plenty of options for lounging and entertaining. The open concept allows for multiple spaces to be used at once. For example, you can entertain guests while you feed the ferrets. They are housed in separate cages just off the main room where you can keep them out of sight during social occasions.

8.Make it all about you

Make it all about you

The beauty of this gorgeous ranch home lies in its simplicity. The open layout is ideal for entertaining and the kitchen has plenty of cabinet space for cooking and serving meals. The dining set includes a bench seat along with chairs and table. When it comes to seating, comfort is key.

9.Go vertical on your wall space

Go vertical on your wall space

Tired of seeing boxes and furniture sitting horizontally against your walls? Then why not try turning them 90 degrees to create an interesting focal point? These wooden shelves provide extra storage and display items in a beautiful manner. By simply flipping them and putting decorative objects on top, you can transform the same unused space into a lovely piece of art.

10.Think out of the box

Think out of the box

With this sleek modern abode, you won’t see any traditional furniture or cabinets. Instead, the entire interior is built using glass panels that surround the perimeter of the room. The result is an airy atmosphere that feels open and contemporary. The kitchen has plenty of countertop storage and the bathroom contains a shower stall and vanity.

11.Get cozy in style

Get cozy in style

This elegant condo is reminiscent of a quaint country inn. The large windows bring in lots of light and offer views of the surrounding forest. The master bedroom features a private bath surrounded by an oversized tub. A fireplace adds warmth and ambiance to the living and family rooms.

12.Create an indoor/outdoor living situation

Create an indoor outdoor living situation

Add another dimension to your outdoor entertainment area by creating a deck or patio. This stunning log cabin gives you the best of both worlds. On the inside you’ll find plenty of room for entertaining, and on the exterior side, a covered porch. The kitchen has a breakfast bar and the living and family areas feature a gas fire place.

13.Give them room to move around

Give them room to move around

Smaller animals like ferrets tend to stay close to owners because they feel safe. So, give them a space they can call their own. This adorable house takes the guesswork out of choosing which part of the yard to explore. There is a fully enclosed front section, plus a back section with a raised platform for hiding. The bedrooms and bathrooms are located near the center of the house. However, the kitchen and living quarters are situated toward the back.

14.It’s time to get crafty!

It’s time to get crafty!

Have you ever wanted to learn a new skill? Well now you can teach others the joys of crafting by constructing a miniature version of your very own workshop. This adorable home is a dream for many crafters. Inside you’ll find a pottery kiln, cutting board, ironing board and sewing machine. There is also plenty of cabinet and shelf space for displaying knickknacks, tools and crafts.

15.Homemade ferret cage ideas

Homemade ferret cage ideas

Aferret cages are not that expensive, and while they might seem intimidating to the uninformed pet owner, it is easy to construct your own cage from what you’ve got around the house or garage. Make sure your home for your pet is one where it can have a quiet place to rest, sleep, eat and play.

Have a favorite DIY project we didn’t mention? Tell us below.

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