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WASH your PUSÉ Wednesdays!

Yes, we groom your cool cat too! For a less stressful cat grooming experience we groom your feline family member on Wednesdays when we have a much quieter ambiance with less canine activity. We are as gentle with cats as we are with puppies! Click “What to do before your first visit” for more information about booking an appointment. We look forward to meeting your cool cat!


  • Bath & Blow Dry            $40
  • Flea Bath                      $45
  • Flea Dip                        $45
  • Bath & Belly Shave        $60
  • Fur Cut                         $70 & up
  • Lion Cut                        $80 & up
  • De-matting                     $1/minute
  • Nail Trim Ala Carte         $15
  • Difficult Handling            $10-$20

Required Vaccinations for Cats: Rabies, Fvrcp, Leukemia*

*Cats must have their shot & vaccinations 2 weeks prior to their beauty appointment. Please visit “your 1st appointment” for detailed pre-grooming protocols.

*Please Note: Prices above are general quotes only. Although we try our utmost to stay within the ranges above (we won’t charge if there is no need) additional charges may apply for pets with little to no grooming experience, extremely difficult handling requirements, biting, scratching, & extremely matted coats (seniors may be $10-$20 more). Example: If we went to your work place and asked you to perform your job while making you work twice as hard, for twice as long, with the assistance of a fellow co-worker, and possibly endanger your physical well being…would you or your boss charge us more? We appreciate your honesty about your pets behavior which enables us to better care for your pet and give you a more accurate quote upon your arrival. Thank you for your understanding, we look forward to meeting you.