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6 Cockapoo Grooming Styles Ideas Before and After With Tips

Cockapoo Grooming Styles Ideas Before and After With Tips

If you’re looking to find a new breed of dog for yourself or your family members, the cockapoo is definitely one that deserves consideration. This small but mighty pooch’s unique appearance and friendly personality make it an excellent choice as both companion and pet.

In fact, they’ve become so popular over time that there are many different types available in the market today. Let us take a look at some common coat colors and grooming styles.

1. Curly Cockapoo

Curly Cockapoo Before and After Picture
Curly Cockapoo Before and After Picture

This type is short haired on top and longer on bottom. It has wiry hair and typically stands up straight when alert, but can also be combed down into a tight curl against its owner’s will.

The curlies have broad heads with wide foreheads and triangular shaped ears. They come in solid colored coats like black, red, blue, fawn, silver, white, cream, chocolate brown and brindle.

Their tails may either be long or medium length, depending upon their gender. Male dogs usually have shorter curled tailed while females have curly tipped tails. These little guys love lots of exercise and attention from people. If you want a loyal friend, this is the right kind of dog for you!

2. Long Hair Before and After

Long Hair Before and After
Long Hair Before and After

The long coated variety of cockapoo is similar to the curlies except that they grow much taller and weigh more than the other breeds.

They are very active animals and need plenty of physical activities during the day. As well, these dogs require daily walks since they do not shed fur unlike most other dogs.

Males and female long coated cockapoos stand about 18″ tall (45 cm) and 20 pounds (9 kg). A male should reach 30 inches (75 cm), whereas the height of a female reaches 24 inches (61 cm). Both males and females have large bodies with rounded chests. Ears are set high on the head. These pups’ faces are rounder and broader compared to the rest of the body. The muzzle of these dogs is fuller too.

3. Long But not Short Hair Either

Long But not Short Hair Either
Medium Hair Cockapoo

With moderate amounts of fur covering them, the medium coat varieties of cockapoo are great pets if you prefer something between the two extremes mentioned above. Generally speaking, they are neither tiny nor big.

Females tend to be heavier than males. However, their weight does depend on how healthy they are. Since these furry friends shed less than the others, they are easier to groom.

Like the long coated ones, they require regular walking sessions out in nature along with playtime indoors because they don’t bark loudly. They are best suited for families who enjoy outdoor activity and spending quality time together inside.

4. Short Hair Cockapoo Before After

Short Hair Cockapoo Before After
Short Hair Cockapoo Before After

Also known as “smooth,” these puppies generally have no rough patches or curls whatsoever. They feature smooth coats without any undergrowth or knots. Because of their sleekness, they appear larger than they really are.

Their size ranges anywhere from 16 to 28 inches (40 – 71 cm). Overall, their weights vary according to the individual dog’s physique. For example, a pup weighing 23 pounds (10 kilograms) might measure 22 inches (56 centimeters) around his shoulders. Female smoothies aren’t quite as massive though. Nevertheless, they still manage to fill the bill nicely as indoor pets.

5. Long Curly Coated Cockapoo

Long Curly Coat Before and After
Long Curly Coated Cockapoo Before and After

Most of their hair and their face and torso are covered by thick and curly hair. Usually, it starts from the nose and goes downward until reaching their tail.

The upper part of their body also same, their eyes and mouths. Most commonly seen in mixed breed dogs, it can occasionally occur within purebreds too.

It actually makes these pups more adorable.With their curly hair, they resemble porcupines. But instead of quills, theirs are made up of coarse hairs.

Like most other canine breeds, these pups are capable of producing different kinds of sounds — barking, whining, whimpering, etc.

6. Cockapoo Hair Color Variations

Cockapoo Hair Color Variations
Cockapoo Hair Color Variations

Typically, they come in shades of dark brown, golden retriever mix, wheaten, and black. Occasionally, you could see grayish coloring in certain areas of their body such as their paws. Also, there are instances wherein they sport lighter markings like blue, yellow, orange, green, etc., on their noses, muzzles, throats, chest area, belly, legs, feet, etc.

Their facial expressions include frowning, drooping eyelids, squinting eyes, snarling mouth, sneering lips, and baring teeth. Of course, they always display happy smiles whenever they receive affectionate kisses from their owners.

Now that we have reviewed some basic characteristics of various hair styles, coat patterns and colors, let’s move onto specific grooming tips for each style.

Grooming Tips For Cockapoo

Grooming Tips For Cockapoo
Grooming Tips For Cockapoo
  1. In order to maintain cleanliness, brush your dog’s fur every once in awhile with pet shampoo.
  2. Get rid of dander and debris by vacuuming regularly. Bathe your pooch after playing outside.
  3. When bathing, use mild soap and water to prevent irritating skin conditions. Rinse thoroughly afterward.
  4. Clip your dog’s nails periodically and check for health issues such as swelling, infection, and bleeding gums.
  5. Take note that nail clippers shouldn’t be used on baby dogs.
  6. Trim their nails properly by cutting away approximately 1/16th inch (.04cm) of material below the quick.
  7. Never leave your puppy unattended when clipping their nails.
  8. You can also apply topical treatments for your dog’s dry coat. Be aware that applying products containing alcohol can cause severe burns and harm your pooch’s sensitive skin. Only seek professional help if necessary.
  9. Colorful Collar dog – To give your pup the cutest possible image, wear him/her a colorful collar dog. To create a natural look, trim the edges of the collar slightly so it doesn’t look tattered. Cut holes for buttons near the neckline allowing free movement of your puppy’s arms. Choose a tie dye bandana for the perfect accessory.

Your Vet Will Advise You Accordingly

Let’s end this article with words of wisdom regarding proper care for your beloved cockapoo. Remember, good grooming habits go a long way toward maintaining your pup’s beauty and health.

So ensure that you provide ample opportunities for interaction and training. Above all, never underestimate the power of positive reinforcement.

Positive feedback provides energy for further growth and development. Therefore, treat your pup kindly and consistently. Give them praise, hugs and affection often. Have fun learning about the world of cute pooches and share with them what you know.

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