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12 Unique Bird Cage Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

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Unique Bird Cage Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

Bird cages come in all shapes and sizes but there is one thing most of them have in common – they can be boring. Whether you want something classic or more contemporary, here are some great 20 unique tips from real people who actually own their own birds that should help out with making an informed decision.

1.DIY Bird Cage

DIY Bird Cage

Take this DIY wicker bird cage as inspiration. It has been painted white to blend perfectly into its surroundings while also adding just enough flair to keep things interesting and colorful. The outside features two decorative windows surrounded by a simple metal frame, which gives it a very modern feel. This was designed to accommodate finches and sparrow-sized birds like parakeets and robins. If you don’t mind doing a little bit of work yourself then you could even paint yours however color scheme suits your style better.

2.Metal Bird Bath

Metal Bird Bath

A similar option would be this attractive metal bird bath – again, both functional and stylish at the same time. Metal frames are easy to clean and won’t rust over time (unlike plastic), plus they look fantastic filled up with water during summertime. They’re perfect for small birds such as bluebills, titmice, chickadees, nuthatches, woodpeckers, and bullfinches.

3.Bird Cage From IKEA

Bird Cage From IKEA

If you’d rather buy than build, check out these cute wire mesh bird cage from IKEA. These were made especially for pet owners because they feature perforated holes instead of bars for ventilation. That means no messiness getting stuck inside and no risk of injury either. There are plenty of different colors available too, meaning you can match your home decor exactly. You might not see much use for these indoors, but you never know what kind of pets you may end up having next.

4.Cedar Shingles Bird Cage

Cedar Shingles Bird Cage

Don’t forget the world of unusual materials either. For example, did you know that cedar shingles are ideal for building birdhouses? Cedar is naturally resistant to pests like mice and insects, so you can rest assured that your feathered friends will stay healthy and happy right through winter. Plus, since they’re harvested straight off the tree without being processed, they still smell fresh and natural.

5.Bird Cage Design Ideas

Bird Cage Design Ideas

Do you love the sound of chirping birds singing away day after day? Then why not let their melodies fill your whole living space? Well-designed apartments often include specially built areas specifically intended for housing songbirds. Some of those spaces are enclosed, others aren’t. Either way, you’ll find lots of room for multiple species of animals thanks to cleverly placed perches, food sources, and nesting material.

6.Backyard Bird Aviary

Backyard Bird Aviary

Another way to incorporate birds into your daily life is by creating a backyard aviary. An aviary provides shelter for many types of exotic birds found only in other parts of the world. Their habitats consist of trees, shrubs, branches, grassy patches, and rocks. Birds enjoy flying around freely within this type of enclosure, along with feeding opportunities provided by feeders.

7.Bird Roof Boxes

Bird Roof Boxes

The final category of bird cages we’ll cover today is called “roof boxes.” A roof box is basically a wooden structure attached to the top of your existing house. Inside you place various enclosures and platforms that provide shelter for birds, squirrels, raccoons, etc. Think about how cool it must look sitting atop your roof admiring your beautiful flock!

8.Bird Cage Antique

Bird Cage Antique

If you’ve got lots of money but no design skills, this is the perfect choice. It comes fully furnished with everything you could possibly need, including food dishes, water containers, perches, toys, and even roosters. This particular model has been updated several times over its lifespan, making it look brand new while still retaining its original charm. The only thing missing is someone to enjoy all the perks.
price around $1,000

9.Bird Cage and Stand

Bird Cage and Stand

For less than $100 you can put together a caged companion. Just assemble two pieces of wood and attach them to each side of a wire mesh top using metal hardware, then hang a hook from the center of the bottom portion. Once it’s assembled, fill it with pebbles or sand and keep it next to your desk at work.

10.Bird Cage Design Indoor

Bird Cage Design Indoor

Now it’s time to think about designing your interior. How do you decide where everything goes? What kinds of decorations should go where? Do you plan on installing lights or heating elements? All of these questions depend entirely upon your personal preferences and budget.

For starters though, consider using colorful linens, rugs, pillows, curtains, and accessories to add visual interest. Also, remember to take advantage of vertical space whenever possible. Consider hanging plants, shelves, hooks, and baskets. Hang items higher than eye level to give your walls extra breathing space and access to sunlight. In general, try to keep floor surfaces clear of furniture unless absolutely necessary. Otherwise, clutter builds up quickly underfoot. And always leave open spaces between objects. Bird droppings tend to land in tight places.

Speaking of droppings…

11.Bird Cage Design Outdoors

Bird Cage Design Outdoors

When choosing a location for your bird cage, bear in mind that sun exposure plays an important role in keeping creatures healthy throughout the year. Sunlight helps regulate body temperature, boosts vitamin D production, and regulates growth rates. Keep in mind, however, that the amount of light required differs from animal to animal.
In particular, birds require less direct sunlight compared to humans and dogs. So if you’re worried about potential damage caused by excessive heat, choose a spot near the front of the cage. Make sure the area isn’t directly exposed to strong afternoon sunshine. To avoid overheating, opt for windowless bird shelters. Or else install solar panels to harness free energy. Many companies sell kits that contain solar cells and batteries to power LED lighting systems. Those bulbs emit warm tones resembling daylight.

With proper care, you can expect your birds to remain vibrant and well-adjusted for years to come. Now enjoy watching nature unfold before your eyes every single morning.

12.Bird Cage Setup Ideas

Bird Cage Setup Ideas

When thinking about your bird’s environment, remember that you may not always know exactly how large he needs his enclosure to be. These tips should help you determine the best size for him:
Keep bird droppings well below ground level. Birds aren’t meant to live high above the floor. Most of us humans find the idea gross, but birds thrive in such conditions.

Never buy a cage made of aluminum or PVC. These materials release toxic fumes when heated. Look instead to woods such as pine or redwood.

Try keeping your bird occupied during feeding time. Keep string and feathers away from the base of feeders, and clean up after meals thoroughly.

Your bird will stay healthier longer without constant human interaction. Let him explore his surroundings freely, and watch for signs that he might require stimulation. For example, a bored chattering sparrow will eventually begin picking apart his nest box. Don’t try to teach your feathered friend anything beyond basic obedience training — he won’t learn unless forced to do so.

A good rule of thumb is to multiply your bird’s weight by 2.5 to determine the minimum cubic feet needed. So, if you weigh 15 pounds, you would need 30 cubic feet. However, experts recommend starting with twice that amount to account for unforeseen growth spurts. Also consider adding extra space for playtime, exercise areas, hiding spots, perching, nesting material, etc., depending on your species.

While we hope you never need to utilize this advice yourself, having an empty birdcage nearby does provide peace of mind. In addition, you can store it indefinitely and use it again later as part of a décor piece. Empty birdcages also make effective storage units, helping you avoid throwing away perfectly usable items and cluttering spaces with clutter.

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