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9 Best Guard Dog Breeds For First Time Owners

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The best way to keep a watchful eye on your property is with the help of an alert and aggressive watchdog. The most popular types of these canine guards include the English Setter, Bloodhound, Beagle, Boxer, Bull Mastiff, Irish Wolf Hound, St. Bernard, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Dalmatian, Saint Huber/Basset Hounds, Weimaraners, Collies, Border Collie, Australian Cattle Dogs, Basset Fauve de Bretagne, Belgian Malinois, Great Danes, Newfoundland, Springer Spaniels, etc. However, there are some other lesser known breeds that can also make good police or security dogs.

These breeds have earned their reputations for being among the top guard dogs in the world. In this article we will discuss about ten such breeds which might be able to prove useful as effective guards against intruders. Let’s start our discussion by learning more about one of the oldest and probably the most widely used breed – the Rottweiler.

1. Rottweiler

This massive hound was originally bred to pull carts laden with pork barrels during the time of Napoleon Bonaparte when it served as Europe’s largest farm animal. Today the rottweiler has become one of the toughest domestic animals available today. It is very well mannered and obedient towards its owners.

This breed is not only protective but is also quite loyal as they love their family members and friends. They also do not bark excessively like many other varieties of dogs. A Rottweiler should always be kept securely leashed whenever he goes out because if you let him run free then he may get injured while chasing wild boars or attacking another pet.

But apart from those two things, this large breed is friendly and calm. If you want a powerful yet gentle protector who loves his master than a rottweiler would definitely fit into that category. So next time if someone tries to break into your house, don’t hesitate to call upon this giant protector – Rottweiler!

2. German Shepherd

German Shepherd

If you are looking for highly intelligent, courageous and smart guard dogs then German Shephards are just what you need. With her strong jaws and sharp teeth, this fierce beast hunts down any intruder trying to enter the house. As soon as the alarm gets set off inside the home, this brave dog comes running towards the door barking loudly.

When the door opens up, the shepherd jumps outside immediately and attacks the person attempting to escape. Most often people prefer keeping them indoors so that they won’t go after strangers. Since GSDs are very active at night, they require plenty of exercise so they stay healthy throughout the day.

Like all other dogs, they too must eat properly every now and again. And since they possess high intelligence level, they understand commands perfectly. Unlike other guard dogs, gsd’s are usually calm around children. Even though these dogs were initially developed to hunt big game like wild boar, wolves, bears, deer, and even moose, nowadays they are mainly raised to protect homes from burglaries and thefts.

Apart from hunting skills, these dogs have been trained to perform various tasks including catching bad guys, giving chase to criminals, sniffing drugs and explosives, searching missing persons, rescuing kids, etc. One thing to remember here is that German Shepards are extremely sensitive creatures and hence shouldn’t be left alone unattended.

3. Doberman Pinschers

Doberman Pinscher

These muscular giants are commonly found guarding royal palaces, castles, mansions, embassies, museums, and even jails. Their thick coats give them enough strength to easily overpower anyone trying to attack them. Although mostly seen working as sentry dogs, they are equally capable of fighting back enemies as needed. Being heavy breathers, these dogs tend to growl when they see something suspicious approaching them.

At times they may also howl loudly as if imitating human cries. On hearing such sounds coming from within their territory, the dogs take immediate action by charging the intruder. After making contact, they try to bite through anything that moves around. Despite having short muzzles, they still manage to inflict deep wounds over faces of attackers.

Nowadays, due to their violent nature, it is difficult to find a reputable breeder willing to sell this breed. Moreover, they are expensive pets requiring proper care and maintenance. Hence, instead of owning a purebred Doberman Pinscher, it is better to opt for a mixed variety of different breeds.

4. Labradors

Labrador Retriever

Although originally named “Havanese” because of their hare-like appearance, labradores are actually derived from crosses between poodle and bull terriers. Originally brought forth by European settlers living in America, these small dogs are easy to train and handle.

Similar to border collies, labradores are excellent hunters and trackers of scents. Due to their unique ability to catch mice without harm, labs became famous worldwide. Not only that, they are great companions and loyal pets. Because of their soft fur, these dogs are generally comfortable in hot weather conditions.

Another interesting fact about Labs is that they communicate using barks and yelps rather than words. Therefore, before buying a labrador puppy, ensure that you have adequate training sessions under your belt. Otherwise, you’ll end up spending thousands of dollars for purchasing food, medicines, toys, etc., for your pup.

5. Bull Terriers

Bull Terrier

One of the deadliest and most feared dogs ever existing in history, the bull terrier is basically a crossbreed between a boxer and a british bull mastiff. This type of dog is renowned for exhibiting aggression towards everyone except for the owner and close relatives. To avoid getting attacked by this ferocious creature, never attempt to playfully grab hold of its ears, tail, neck, mouth, etc.

For safety reasons, it is advisable to keep them tied up at all times. Before letting your pet outside, first wash their face thoroughly so that dirt doesn’t fall in their eyes or nose. Also clean their paws regularly to remove any traces of mud or water. During walks, allow them to drag the leash along the ground so that they learn to walk behind you safely. Never leave your pet alone outdoors especially during nighttime.

Although they look harmless, this breed possesses huge muscles underneath their smooth skin. Hence, it is important to know their natural instinctive behavior before bringing them home.

6. Golden Retrievers

Golden Retriever

Like cocker spaniels, golden retrievers belong to the group of sporting dogs possessing long slender bodies. Usually weighing around 40 pounds, they stand approximately 21 inches tall. Having wavy coat, these dogs originated in England where they were primarily used for retrieving birds’ eggs.

Later on, they were introduced to North America where they started becoming household pets. Generally speaking, goldens are quiet, polite and nonthreatening dogs. Nevertheless, they exhibit keen senses of smell and sight and thus can detect minute changes occurring within their environment. Additionally, they are quick learners and respond quickly to verbal orders given by their masters.

7. Chow-Chows

Often referred to as “the King of All Kays,” chowchows are naturally built to withstand extreme cold temperatures. Besides protecting themselves from predators, they are also adept at defending others. Having tough outer skin, Chow Chows are armed with sharp claws and fangs.

Whenever they feel threatened by any stranger, they show no mercy and instantly charge forward to attack. Although they weigh less than 30 lbs, they can easily defeat larger opponents by biting hard. The main reason why people prefer Chow-Chows is that they are relatively cheaper compared to other guard dogs. Thus, if you’re unable to afford the cost associated with owning a higher priced pooch, then buy a chow-chow.

8. American Eskimo Dogs (Inuit)

American Eskimo Dogs are considered to be the most primitive form of sled dogs. These furry mammals work as the hardest workers on ice roads and oceanic voyages. While pulling the sledge attached to the front of the ship, they pull the boat along using ropes made from thin strips of sealskin.

Due to their harsh life style, they rarely live beyond 15 years. Fortunately, this breed is still alive today and is currently owned by several individuals residing in Alaska. Although they are known to be aggressive towards strangers, they are really sweet and mild natured once you get acquainted with them. If you wish to own one of these amazing little creatures, you’d better prepare yourself for lots of fun and excitement.

9. Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Being one of the oldest retriever breeds originating in Ireland, the Chesapeake bay retriever stands almost 20 inches taller than humans. Its blue and brown colored coat gives it tremendous stamina and power. Initially used for hunting ducks and geese, these sturdy dogs are now mostly employed to retrieve objects thrown into lakes and rivers.

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