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9 Best Companion Dogs For Anxiety and Depression

Bone Broth For Dogs

There are many more that we could include but these will give you an idea of who’s hot right now! Each breed has its own personality and each one really fits into your lifestyle whether it be for family activities or just as pets. In this article I’m going to discuss what makes them so great companions and then show you some examples of how they fit into our lives.

1. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

The golden retriever was developed by English sporting gentlemen who wanted a working spaniel with enough strength and endurance to pull their fishing boats out of water without pulling up short on line.

The first golden retrievers were bred from Cocker Spaniels which had been crossbred with other Spaniel types such as King Charles spaniels and Irish setters. They were originally known as “Cockers” (or Cockerspaniels) until someone decided they should become goldens instead. Today there are over 300 different varieties of golden retrievers all across America and Canada.

2. Poodle


Originally derived from French Water Spaniels, the poodle got his name because he likes to wag his tail like a Spanish Water Dog. He also looks similar to a small fox terrier. Both have long ears and pointed snouts. Their coat can come anywhere from smooth to curly depending on the variety. Some even sport long hair while others only have shorter coats. It comes in solid colors too — black, white and chocolate/red.

3. Beagle


This adorable little guy came about when early settlers needed a good hunting hound. Since they didn’t want any huge dogs running around where hunters may harm themselves or innocent bystanders, they chose smaller animals that wouldn’t put up much resistance if attacked.

A male and female pair mated to create puppies that looked very much like miniature versions of their parents. This type of breeding program continues today, making sure that every new generation of beagles maintain their size and temperament. When looking at beagles make sure you know exactly what kind you’re getting – wirehaired(most common), border collie, smoothcoat, etc…

4. Basset Hound

Basset Hound

These guys were created to hunt vermin in marshy areas. Originally called Redbone Hounds, they were later renamed after the area near New Orleans, Louisiana.

These large sighthounds look similar to greyhounds and are used mostly for tracking down game birds and rabbits. They weigh between 65 pounds and 135 pounds and stand somewhere between 23 inches tall and 32 inches tall. Make sure you ask about coloration before buying one though since not all bassets are red.

5. Dachshunds


Dachshunds originated in Germany where they were bred to hunt badgers. Because of their sharp teeth, dachshunds don’t usually attack people unless provoked. They aren’t aggressive toward humans unlike chihuahuas. If you do get one however, keep them away from children and always take them for walks outside. Weighing between 8 lbs and 40+lbs and standing 11 inches high, dachshunds are compact little balls of energy and love nothing better than chasing sticks and playing tug o’ war.

6. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

They can swim, fetch, run, play catch, retrieve, guard and sit quietly beside you watching TV. Labradors are probably the most versatile of all dogs. You’ll find Labs in shelters, kennel clubs, parks, farms and labs work hard protecting us against dangerous predators. They’re loyal, loving, smart and affectionate. Although they do need lots of exercise, they easily adjust to living indoors as well. On average they weight 70 pounds and grow to be 20 inches tall.

7. Boxer

Boxer Dog

Boxers are muscular working farm dogs that were once thought unfit for human company. Over time however, boxers became welcomed members of society thanks to their friendly demeanor and willingness to learn tricks. They’ve earned reputations as gentle giants that will never bite you unless you try to dominate him. Boxers are generally healthy, happy and intelligent dogs with strong protective instincts. Most owners say they’re easy to train and adapt nicely to life indoors. They typically weigh 55-85 pounds and stand 24″-30″.

8.Boston Terrier

Terriers are often considered man’s best friend due to their loyalty and desire to please. Boston Terriers tend to follow you everywhere you go and help protect homes from intruders. They are happiest when they feel useful doing something constructive. They’re alert, active, agile, playful and possess exceptional intelligence. Boston Terriers are generally medium sized dogs weighing 8-24 pounds and growing to be 16″ – 28″ tall.

9. German Shepherds

German Shepherd

Germans shepherd dogs are extremely energetic yet sweet creatures. Like the lab, they were initially bred for guarding sheep and quickly adapted to live among humans. Known for being fearless and tough, german shepherds are excellent watchdogs, herders and guardians. Many rescue organizations rely heavily upon them for detecting bombs or finding missing persons. Despite this, they still crave attention and enjoy spending time with their families. They weigh 40-100 pounds and stand 22″-28″ tall.

Now let me share with you how my two favorite golden retrievers fit into our home. My husband loves his GSD named Max. He sleeps under the bed with us on cold nights and gets along fine with the cats. He’s full grown and weighs 85 pounds and stands 29 inches tall. His sister Tessa is 3 years younger and weighs 50 pounds and is 19 inches tall. They both love to lay next to me during commercials on tv while watching sports.

They bark whenever anyone comes through the front door and chase anything moving within eyesight. They’re big girls and sometimes scare guests coming to visit. Sometimes they’ll jump up on furniture or beds. But overall they provide plenty of entertainment and protection for us.

I hope this gives you some insight into choosing your perfect companion dog. Happy trails!

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