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9 Bernedoodle Haircuts Before and After Pictures

Bernedoodle Haircuts Before and After

Your dog has a new look — longer or shorter hair, cut in different ways to show off his best features…it’s time to update your Bernedoodle’s images. What do you want it to be? Here are some tips on how to get there.

1) Short, Coated Look

Bernedoodle Short, Coated Look
Bernedoodle Short, Coated Look

If your dog is short haired like our Bernedoodle model here, consider adding length without cutting all the way through the undercoat. You can achieve this effect by trimming close to the skin then brushing out any remaining hairs from underneath using an electric comb (or even just fingers).

This will give him more body while still looking sleek. If he already had long hair before you clipped it, now might be a good time to add highlights if desired. For added versatility, try different lengths of hair instead of only clipping what’s above the collar line.

2) Long and Wavy Hair

Bernedoodle Long and Wavy Hair
Bernedoodle Long and Wavy Hair

For Bernedoodles that have long coats, think about styling their locks into something other than straight across. Try wispy curls around the ears and neckline for extra interest. A little bit of softness may also help keep the overall appearance balanced.

To create these styles, use a curling iron as directed by the manufacturer. Start at the nape area behind the neck and work outward toward the fur front edge.

Hold each curl between thumb and forefinger so they stay pliable. Work up and down over the entire head slowly until you’ve created enough curl volume to fill the space. Then hold onto one end of the loose strands and gently pull upwards to release them. Repeat along the rest of the coat once both sides are fully curled. Take care not to snag the ends of your curly lashes when pulling away. Rinse thoroughly after curling and allow plenty of air circulation during drying.

3) Curly Cut Before and After Picture

Bernedoodle Curly Cut
Bernedoodle Curly Cut

There are many ways to style a frizzier haircut for your Bernedoodle. To start, make sure his existing layers aren’t too stiff or thick. Next, find a brush that works well with such fine hair.

When choosing a shampoo/conditioner, don’t forget to ask which ingredients could cause problems. Some shampoos contain silicone surfactants which can leave residue behind, causing tangles later on. It’s better to avoid those types completely rather than risk having your pooch go bald.

Once you’re ready to begin, wet your hands first to prevent scratching your pet’s face and eyes. Starting at the top layer closest to the scalp, run your fingertips lightly back and forth through the tresses several times to separate the individual threads.

Be careful not to tug on the outer edges where the thicker guard hairs grow. Use gentle upward strokes to smooth out the layering pattern. Afterward, apply conditioner liberally to soften the texture. Continue repeating the process with less pressure near the roots and gradually decreasing thickness towards the tip. Once finished, rinse thoroughly, blot dry, and blow dry carefully. Don’t rub vigorously since heat can damage fragile follicles.

4) Ponytail

Bernedoodle Ponytail

Create this stylish ponytail finish easily with a few household items found in your bathroom drawer. Just tie two pieces of ribbon tightly together with a bow, securing the ends to either side of your Bernedoodle’s head. Pluck out the middle section horizontally starting at the bottom corner of the ear, moving downward along the crown.

Pulling slightly tighter, gather the ribbon ends together at the knot. Before tying off, slip a thin strip sideways inside the loop to hide the join and secure loosely with clear super glue. Now take the free end and wrap it around twice, overlapping it slightly every second turn. Glue the final overlap securely down next to the last twist. Finally, slide the remaining ribbon tails forward along the sides of your dog’s head and clip them with binder clips.

5) Long Curly Hair Before and After

Bernedoodle Long Curly Hair Before and After
Bernedoodle Long Curly Hair Before and After

A Long Curly Hair is ideal for dogs who naturally have long faces. It’s also popular among Bernedoodle dog because its shape helps balance facial proportions. Our Bernedoodle example sports a long curly hair with bangs that frame her expressive brown eyes. Keep the height below chin level to maintain the puppyish charm.

Begin by parting the hair halfway down the nose with sharp grooming scissors. Using an angled razor blade, shave off the bulk of the uppermost layer. Make sure the lower part blends smoothly into the rest of the hair. Finish with a quick swipe of light conditioning spray to lock moisture in.

6) High-Ponytail


Our Bernedoodle does NOT approve of fringe! So we decided to put his precious mane to good use anyway. First, let’s talk bangs. They must be very subtle for this type of style.

Choose ones that are approximately 3 inches wide and tapering evenly from left to right. Apply a generous amount of mousse to the underside of the bangs to lift them up and spread them out. Brush them into position and secure with hairspray. If your goal is to simply highlight the top of your pup’s head, choose longer, straighter hairs for your chosen color.

Next, grab a pair of round 2-inch barbersharp pruning shears and trim the rest of the hair to 0.25 inches. Set aside. Grab your regular clippers and scissors. On the top half of the head, snip away everything except for a narrow band directly beneath the highest point you see on the outside edge of the bangs.

Do this wherever there are visible layers, taking special care to preserve the integrity of your dog’s protective inner coating.

Snipping vertically is easiest to accomplish. At the root, continue shaving vertically as far as possible. When you reach the top, angle the blades horizontally and snip diagonally downward to meet the previous vertical lines. Proceed in this manner until you arrive at the lowest portion of the dog’s head. Shave the remainder of the hair into points. Leave a couple inches at the base to provide full coverage. Trim the stray bits to match the rest of the hair. As always, wash and clean your tools immediately afterward.

Now you know how to groom your Bernedoodle friend luxurious coat. Check out these additional ideas for your own doggie fashion statements:

7) Classic Chic Style

Bernedoodle Classic Chic Style
Bernedoodle Classic Chic Style

Dress up your dog with a chic scarf. Find a neutral colored scarf in a width suitable for your dog’s neck measurements. Wrap it loosely around once or twice depending upon whether you prefer a casual or dressy look, leaving room to adjust the length

Drape it casually over the shoulders or cinched closely around the waist. Secure it at the ends with safety pins. Wear it tucked in or untucked, anywhere it suits your mood.

We hope these nine helpful hints helped you freshen up your Bernedoodle dog. And remember, it doesn’t hurt to try some new things occasionally. Have fun experimenting!

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