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Aussiedoodle Grooming Styles and 9 Popular Haircuts

Aussiedoodle Grooming Styles

The Aussiedoodles is also one of the most popular dog breeds. include a variety of different sizes, shapes, colors, and coats.They can be have short hair that comes in all shades from black to fawn.

Aussiedoodle have long, thick, curly fur and their color range includes white, cream, black, and brown.Their unique appearance makes them an adorable and fun family pet.

This article will focus on the Aussiedoodle specifically but many other similar sized, shaped, colored, and coated dogs also follow these general guidelines.

Aussiedoodle Grooming Styles

There are two basic types of grooming: wet and dry. Wet style means cleaning your Aussiedoodle’s body with water. It involves brushing out loose hairs and rinsing him/her off completely before drying using a towel or air dryer. Dry methods usually involve brushing out dirt and debris with a soft bristle brush or comb. You should never use metal combs on your dog’s coat unless you want to end up with bald spots. Always check with your vet if you’re unsure what type of method to follow.

Long Hair vs Short Coat

Your choice of whether to keep your Aussiedoodle long or short is entirely up to you. Most people prefer keeping their dogs short so that they do not get tangled up in the longer fur. On the other hand, others like their Aussiedoodle coats to be long enough to cover their feet and legs when lying down. If your dog has a lot of energy and tends to run around, it may need more space to move freely.

If you decide to go with a shorter cut for your Aussiedoodle, make sure you trim any mats away around his/her face and neck area. Some owners choose to shave their pups down to skin level to reduce shedding and dander build up. Also consider having your pooch groomed professionally. Professional grooming services generally cost less than home grooming but you’ll get a much better result.

Coats Length

It’s important to know how long to let your Aussiedoodle coat grow. For example, if your pup is getting ready to shed its winter fur, wait until springtime to clip it. In summer months, allow for slightly shorter cuts since this is the time when your dog sheds the most.


Most common Aussiedoodle Dogs come in solid colors including black, white, chocolate, gray, and mixed colors. There are some rare, exotic coats available too. As previously mentioned, make sure to consult your veterinarian first before changing your puppy’s coat color.

Skin Conditions

Some dogs suffer from allergies and dermatitis. If your Aussiedoodle gets inflamed or irritated easily, avoid bathing him/her often. It is recommended to only bathe your dog after every three weeks and always follow the instructions for whatever condition he/she suffers from.

Teeth Brushing

Brush your dog’s teeth once per week to remove bits of food and bacteria. Use a toothbrush made especially for pets with hard surfaces like bone. Do not use human toothpaste! Human toothpastes contain ingredients harmful to our canine friends.

Shampoo & Bathing

Use gentle shampoo formulated for your Aussiedoodle. When shampooing, work into a lather and gently massage the fur thoroughly. Rinse well. Make sure to wash your dog at least twice weekly. After washing, apply a good quality conditioning treatment.

Wash Your Pet Often

When you take your pet to the salon, ask if they clean their brushes regularly. Ask them to replace worn brushes. Clean your own hairbrushes frequently to avoid spreading germs. Avoid sharing brushes or combs with other animals.

Brush your pet daily to Prevent Tangles, Shedding and Matting.

Remember that grooming tools such as combs and brushes should NEVER touch wet fur. Water left over after shampooing can irritate sensitive spots like eyes and nostrils. Dry thoroughly between washes.

Be careful not to rub too hard against an overly oily spot such as between the shoulder blades where oil glands are located. Itching and discomfort are common side effects.

In general, don’t use hot styling products such as blow dryingers, curling irons or straightening irons. They can severely burn delicate areas like paws and ears. Only air dried hair is safe for high heat styling.

The easiest method to maintain cleanliness while brushing is to wash your hands first. Use warm water and soap gently until lather disappears. Rinse completely. Then, either dip a towel in baby powder or cornstarch and wipe down your entire body including feet, legs and belly area. Afterward, lightly pat yourself dry. Never rub vigorously since this removes natural sebum oils essential to healthy skin and coat growth.

6 Best Aussiedoodle Haircuts Ideas

We all want our pooches to look their best — it’s a compliment if your Aussiedoodle has an attractive haircut even if you’re not the one who cut his hair! Here we’ll show you some of the best haircuts styles for your favorite Aussiedoodle:

Haircuts for dogs should be practical and functional. Here are ten ideas to help you find the right look for your Aussie or Bernese Mountain Dog.

1. Puppy Cut

Aussiedoodle Puppy Cut
Aussiedoodle Puppy Cut

This is the classic look you see in TV shows and movies. It consists of a very short haircut above the ears that is no longer than 1″ in length.

2. Teddy Bear Cut

Aussiedoodle Teddy Bear Cut
Aussiedoodle Teddy Bear Cut

This cut starts just below the base of the ear and gradually tapers upwards towards the nose. It ends at approximately 2-3 inches past the tip of the nose and should stop anywhere from 4-6 inches behind the eyes.

3. Poodle Cut

Aussiedoodle Poodle Cut
Aussiedoodle Poodle Cut

Consists of a close cropped “floppy” collar that covers the muzzle and extends downward over the shoulders and back. It typically ranges from 2-4 inches in length and is tapered upward towards the head.

4. Long Hair

Aussiedoodle Long Hair
Aussiedoodle Long Hair

If you have a Aussiedoodle (or other short haired breed), then chances are good you’ve never considered cutting your pet’s coat before. But if he’s got longer locks like my black lab, Molly, here are some tips for keeping your Aussiedoodle looking adorable no matter what length she happens to be sporting at any given moment.

Trim excess fur around face, ears and tail area to keep them neat and tidy. You can also trim undercoat slightly shorter than normal so there isn’t too much “ruff” hanging along her back.

When trimming, always take off more rather than less. This way you won’t end up leaving behind stray hairs that could cause mats later when they grow out again.

Use scissors or clippers sparingly to avoid nicks and cuts. If you must use a comb, make sure it is soft and gentle enough to go through thick layers of undercoat without causing damage.

For dogs with curly coats, try using only very small clips or bobby pins to hold their mane together instead of barrettes. The latter can dig into the skin and leave unsightly red welts. Also consider investing in a wig made especially for pets — these come in many colors and styles as well as lengths and may suit your pup perfectly.

Never shave your dog’s head unless you absolutely have to because this can remove protective oils needed by the skin and lead to dry patches. Instead trim close to the skin with just about anything but a dull pair of scissors — it doesn’t hurt as much and it keeps the risk of infection low.

5. Short Hair

Aussiedoodle Short Hair
Aussiedoodle Short Hair

There aren’t quite as many options available for owners of medium-coated breeds, such as Aussiedoodle, poodles, cockapoos or chihuahuas. However, most of the same rules still apply.

One exception would be those animals whose coats tend to curl tightly around themselves due to genetic factors, which often leads to problems with itching. In addition to being uncomfortable, tight curls pose health risks by trapping dirt and bacteria within. So it is important to regularly clip and/or comb loose ends of your Aussiedoodle’s fur to ensure that they stay uncluttered.

Your best bet is to find a professional groomer that familiar with your dog breed type. Ask lots of questions to determine whether he or she uses traditional methods or modern techniques.

Some professionals mostly use electric trimmers, others prefer scissors. Ask your choice of expert for suggestions on proper maintenance and upkeep. Most importantly, remember that having a stylish new ‘do doesn’t mean your sweetheart suddenly looks like a furry ball of yarn.

Regular care and grooming are necessary to keep Aussiedoodle hair smooth and free of tangles, knots and mats.

6. Medium length Coat and Undercoat

Aussiedoodle Medium length Coat
Aussiedoodle Medium length Coat

If you prefer Medium length haircut for your dogs, You can start cutting their hair slowly from the face part, body part, legs, and tail. Dont forget some grooming tools.

As the owner, you need to know exactly how to use grooming tools like nail clippers, combs and brushes, so that you can use them correctly and safety procedures. You can read some tips that mentioned before at the top. Happy Grooming! Hope you find the best haircut styles for your Aussiedoodle dog.

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