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5 Best Airedale Terrier Grooming Styles Ideas

Best Airedale Terrier Grooming Styles Ideas

When you think of a terrier dog, chances are that the first breed to come to mind is probably one of these popular working dogs. From long haired to short coated they all have strong protective instincts and love challenges. These ten different Airedale Terrier grooming style ideas will help your pet look its best.

1. Long Hair Airedale Terrier

Long Hair Airedale Terrier
Long Hair Airedale Terrier

If you’re looking for an active companion then perhaps a long coat may be just what you need. If you want a shorter haircut try this medium length cut on our next page. It’s great as it doesn’t get in your way when running around or sitting at attention during lessons but still has enough body so it won’t feel too hot. This particular style was chosen because of how well it looks off against the longer hair. We’ve also included a few tips if you’d like to create your own version of this style.

To make a medium-length haircut work, start by cutting the fur close to the skin over most (but not all) of the head. Next use scissors carefully to trim away any stray hairs left after the initial cut, making sure there aren’t too many. You can slightly overlap some sections to give them more texture. Lastly, use combing motion from top to bottom to smooth out each section before moving onto the next. The result is a soft, sleek finish without being overly groomed.

For another option consider using a sable colored brush to gently remove loose hairs while brushing. Be careful not to scratch your dog’s face since doing so could cause bleeding gums. To keep mats under control use a fine steel wire comb. Comb through the entire coat once only and never pull directly across the mat. When finished, spray lightly with water to rinse down any remaining debris.

Tip: Some breeds such as the Yorkshire Terrier require daily bathing and shampooing which means keeping their coats short helps prevent tangles and mats. If you plan on taking showers together with your pooch, invest in specialized shampoo designed especially for pets. Shower gel works just as well and does not leave residue behind.

2. Medium length Hair Airedale Terrier

Medium length Hair Airedale Terrier
Medium length Hair Airedale Terrier

This medium-length haircut has been created specifically for our German Shepherd Dog on the previous page. While it’s easy to do, it takes time to achieve and requires patience to maintain. After you decide where to begin, take small snips along the outside edge of the desired area. Make sure to hold your hand firmly over the coat and cut very slowly.

Don’t rush this step! By holding your palm up instead of downward, you’ll avoid accidentally nicking yourself. Once you reach the end, don’t stop until you meet the inside corner of your other hand. Then move forward again, repeating the process until you’ve reached the center line. Use a gentle upward sweeping movement to separate and blend adjacent areas. Continue in this manner until all unwanted bits of fur have been removed. For extra protection, apply petroleum jelly between cuts.

After your final pass goes underneath your palm, run your finger along the outer edges of the newly trimmed area to ensure no stray pieces remain. Now turn your attention to the inner side of the coat. Start by cutting evenly spaced lines parallel to the ground about 1/2 inch apart. Angle your blade towards the middle of the section to eliminate overlapping clumps. Do this until you’ve covered the whole length. Take care to always cut straight down into the layer below. Repeat steps 3 and 4 above on the opposite sides until you arrive back at the starting point. Voila — a brand new puppy!

The American Staffordshire Terrier originated in England and became known as “Old English Mastiff” when imported to America. They were originally bred as guard dogs who had to compete with wolves for food. Today this hardworking breed exhibits strength, stamina and intelligence. Their thick double coat is usually flat on top with wavy undercoats. There are two types of American Staffordshire Terriers: rough collars and smooth collars. Rough collar varieties grow thicker fur on the neck and shoulders, whereas smooth collared dogs have thinner necks and smaller tails.

3. Short Hair

Airedale Terrier Short Hair
Airedale Terrier Short Hair

Our last hairstyle is perfect for those busy days when you simply must go somewhere right away. Whether you’re headed to the office or just want to hit the road, this quick and simple cut gives you maximum comfort and convenience. Simply part your hair in the middle and clip it every couple of inches.

Trim away any excess hair. Next, use a wide-toothed comb to pick up individual hairs and flip them outward. Hold the comb horizontally and continue picking up and flipping each strand until you notice that the ends appear clean. Finally, secure the cut with binder clips and let dry completely. If necessary, touch up with additional styling products to bring out highlights. Finish off with a nice shine enhancing product such as mousse or cream conditioner.

4. Curly Coat

Airedale Terrier Curly Coat
Airedale Terrier Curly Coat

There are many variations of curly coats, including both coarse and soft textured curls. Our favorite method uses rubber gloves to provide consistent curves that stay put even hours later. Rubbing alcohol should be used to prep the hands prior to beginning.

First, place several layers of newspaper down to protect furniture, carpet and floor surfaces. Starting at the base, roll the glove tightly toward the wrist and seal the cuff securely. With the ball of cottony goodness now secured within the grip of your gloved fingers, insert the tip of the index finger into the opening near the thumb. Place the thumb on top of the ball and press evenly. Roll the dough toward the pinkie toe and repeat until completed.

Next, dip the fingertips of the same glove into rubbing alcohol. Run the wet fingers smoothly down the front of your dog’s nose, curling the moistened skin inward. Move quickly down his forehead to the bridge of his nose. On either side of the muzzle, trace the outline of the eyes with your fingertip. Turn the glove upside down and fill in the oval shape with liquid eyeliner pencil. Complete the eye makeup by applying mascara to lashes and sealing it with clear lip balm. Begin at the corners of the mouth tracing the outline of the lips with your free hand. Fill in with lipstick and blot softly with tissue.

With the exception of Labrador Retrievers, terriers tend to shed less than poodle and spaniel lovers. However, if your pup has curly fur, brushing regularly keeps tangles at bay. Brushing provides added moisture to your pet’s coat, gets rid of dead cells and stimulates circulation. In addition, frequent brushing promotes healthy teeth and gum development. As with all brushes, choose a natural bristle variety made from animal hair rather than synthetic materials. Never use metal combs or electric toothbrushes as these tools damage enamel causing painful irritation and gum disease. Instead use a soft-bristled brush or floss to clean beneath his incisors. Avoid scratching him under the chin or cheeks as this could lead to infection.

5. Coarse, Wiry Coat

Airedale Terrier Coarse, Wiry Coat
Airedale Terrier Coarse, Wiry Coat

Some people prefer a hairy Airedale Terrier and others would rather shave them bare. Like humans, terriers come in various shades of blondes, brunettes and redheads. Many owners opt for the latter due to its versatility. But whether you prefer to show off your dog’s wild mane or keep it hidden away, here’s a basic guide to styling your pet’s coarser locks.

Begin by shaving your dog’s head with warm soap and towel. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Apply a good quality grooming serum to soften hair and promote hydration. Gently massage the serum through the coat to distribute essential nutrients throughout the strands. Set aside for 15 minutes. Using a slicker brush, remove dirt and perspiration from the coat. Mist liberally with fresh water to refresh the airways and open pores. Next, stand back and inspect your dog’s appearance. Are there any spots missing? Is there excessive hair growth? Should the ears be pruned? Only you know the answers to these questions, so pay attention to details.

Now that we’ve gone over the basics, let’s focus on the main event. Get started by parting the hair roughly midway down the head. Clip away stray hairs and trim closely to the skull. Work from the roots down, paying special attention to the direction of hair flow. Go ahead and lift up the lower portion to see if anything needs clipping. This technique allows for better coverage and minimizes unsightly bald patches. Keep in mind that this type of trimming often leads to ingrown hairs. If possible, wait until after baths to perform this task. Otherwise, seek professional assistance.

Warm oil applied generously to the palms adds suppleness and flexibility to your dog’s coat. Gently squeeze and rub the oil into the scalp, focusing on thinning hair and removing knots. Then wrap your hands loosely around the shafts of each hair followed by firm tugging action from each side of the head in opposite directions (i.e., left-right). Apply more oil as needed to achieve desired results before moving onto another area of your dog’s body or headpiece. Lastly, gently massage the oil into your pet’s skin with gentle strokes along his back and neck before rinsing thoroughly in warm water (not too hot!). If you feel up to it, try combining your Airedale Terrier grooming process with some fun activities such as fetching toys or going for a walk in search of new friends! The possibilities are endless! Good luck!

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