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10 Best Dog For Single Man In Apartment

Bone Broth For Dogs

Dogs have been loyal companions and friends to humans since ancient times. They’re also great pets for people who live alone or with their partner but don’t want a lot of responsibility. So if you’re looking for the best dog for your lifestyle, here’s a list of our top ten favorite apartmentspets!

1. Australian Cattle Dogs

Australian Cattle Dog

The Australian cattle dog is one of the most popular breeds among pet owners because they are gentle and loving animals that make good housemates. These dogs were originally bred as farm dogs, so it would be wise to choose an Aussie that can hold its own on a farm.

The Aussies are very intelligent and will learn tricks quickly, making them perfect for families with children. This breed needs lots of exercise and interaction. If you prefer not to walk this breed every day, consider getting a pooch that runs around at least once per day – like the Border Collie. Another perk about these guys? Their short coats grow easily without any maintenance required.

2. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

If you’ve ever watched “Married With Children,” then you know exactly what kind of golden retriever we mean when talking about the apartment-friendly variety. This dog loves nothing more than spending time outside chasing balls and taking long walks while being carried by his owner.

He has a sweet personality and makes a fantastic companion especially during wintertime. It should go without saying that he’ll need plenty of space to run around and play fetch, chase sticks/toys, dig holes, etc. However, do keep in mind that some breeders may exaggerate how active these pups really are. Make sure you get him from a reputable breeder before committing to owning such a large animal.

3. Boxer

Boxer Dog
The Boxer Dog

Another great choice for those living in small spaces is the boxer. Like other flat-chested dogs, the boxer typically doesn’t require much floor room due to its low body profile. As far as intelligence goes, many experts say the boxer ranks right up there with border collies.

While the majority of boxers tend to be mellow, energetic, friendly, and curious (which means they’d probably love to snoop through your drawers), some may exhibit anxiety issues or separation anxiety problems. That said, the boxer is generally considered to be highly adaptable and easygoing. Just remember that they may still need firm guidance and training.

4. Shiba Inu

shiba inu dog

Shiba Inu are affectionately known as little Japanese wolves. Despite their diminutive size, Shiba Inu pack quite a punch. Although they are tiny, the average weight of male and female Shiba Inu range from 35-50 lbs. Don’t let their size fool you into thinking they aren’t tough enough to take down prey.

Many believe that these adorable creatures originated from Japan where they were used primarily for hunting rabbits. You won’t find many males under 30 inches tall, which means keeping up with their energy level is no joke. Because of their natural instincts to hunt, Shiba Inu puppies must be socialized early and often in order to become well rounded members of society. Shiba Inu are usually calm indoors and don’t bark too frequently unless someone gets close to their territory. However, they may yelp in response to fireworks, sirens, thunderstorms, fireworks, car alarms, loud noises, barking, etc.

5. Beagle


Beagles are cute, quiet, and lovable family dogs. Unlike the rest of the dogs on this list, beagles don’t necessarily need a ton of space to move around comfortably. Some even argue that this type of canine is actually better suited for apartment life because of their smaller stature. Plus, these dogs are relatively inexpensive compared to other household pets.

One downside to having a beagle is that they shed hair throughout the year, so expect to clean fur off furniture and floors regularly. Other common complaints include chewing shoes, digging out carpeting, and creating messes wherever they roam free. But all things aside, beagles are truly wonderful pets for anyone who wants a laidback lapmate.

6. Bichon Frise

Bichons are named after the French word for “frightening.” And although their appearance might seem intimidating, bichons are super soft inside and out. Most breeders claim that bichon frises are extremely playful, smart, and eager to please.

They also tend to be fairly independent thinkers and able to adjust to new situations easily. Not surprisingly, this breed was originally created to help improve the quality of life for seniors. Since bichons enjoy sleeping, lounging, playing games, and interacting with others, they are ideal for couples who just moved in together.

When selecting a puppy, look for individuals who come from healthy breeding stock. Also, ensure that the breeder offers proper obedience classes and health screenings. Finally, ask potential buyers for references and speak with past customers to see how happy their furry friend made them.

7. Bulldog


Bulldogs are big dogs, plain and simple. Even though they weigh upwards of 100 pounds, bulldogs rank high up on the agility scale. Compared to other larger breeds, bulldogs possess exceptional stamina and endurance. Therefore, they’re able to handle longer jaunts outdoors and stay active for hours upon end.

On the flip side, bulldogs are notorious for being stubborn and difficult to housetrain. Additionally, they can develop breathing problems in certain circumstances. Lastly, watch out for allergies! Bulldogs produce excessive amounts of dander that could exacerbate allergy symptoms. All in all, bulldogs are full of character and can teach us a thing or two about patience and perseverance.

8. Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retriever

Labrador retrievers are the epitome of pure happiness. Known for their loyalty and devotion, Labradors are incredibly affectionate towards everyone they meet. These dogs are excellent swimmers, runners, hunters, and climbers.

Due to their athletic prowess, Labs are commonly employed as guide dogs for the blind or hearing impaired. Whether you decide to purchase a pup or adult, always select a labrador whose parents have had professional testing done to assess their temperament, trainability, and overall suitability for homes with young kids.

9. German Shepherd Dogs

German Shepherd

German shepherds are another terrific option for apartment dwellers. Much like other large herding dogs, german shepherds serve multiple purposes including guarding property, pulling sleds, working livestock, guiding sheep, and acting as assistance dogs for disabled persons.

Typically, German shepherds are medium sized dogs ranging anywhere between 65-125lbs depending on sex and lineage. GSDs are protective and aggressive toward strangers, so never try to sneak up on them. Instead, make yourself visible by waving arms and calling out hello.

Never approach gsd puppies directly because they may perceive you as a threat. Before purchasing a German shepherd, conduct research online to determine whether or not the individual you’re considering buying already owns a gsd. Ask previous owners questions like:

How did their first few weeks go? What challenges arose along the way? Were they comfortable around strange visitors? Did the dog show aggression toward guests? Lastly, inquire about future plans regarding ownership. Will the person selling you the pup intend to keep it themselves? Or does the buyer plan to give the dog away eventually?

10. Pugs

Pug Dog

Pugs are adorable ball of fluff with an infectious smile. According to Pug enthusiasts, pug lovers fall into three categories:

1) people who adore pugs

2) people who hate pug

3) people who think pugs are ugly yet somehow manage to coexist peacefully with them.

Regardless of opinion, pugs are undeniably loyal, patient, and obedient. Most importantly, however, pugs are harmless and pose virtually zero threats to your home or personal safety. Although this breed possesses a strong sense of smell, pugs rarely scratch or chew up possessions. To sum everything up, the only real concern surrounding pugs is their ability to emit excessive levels of odor. Fortunately, modern cleaning products and air fresheners eliminate the need for frequent vacuuming, scrubbing, and spraying. Overall, pugs are the ultimate definition of comfort food.

So there you have it! Our top 10 picks for best dog for single man in apartment. Now it’s time to start searching for the perfect roommate match!

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