Best dog clothing and Pet Boutique in San Diego

Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe in San Diego works hard to beautify and dress the most adorable furry faces. We have been told that our pet boutique has one of the best selections in San Diego when it comes to pet clothing, and dog accessories. Our dog treat bar is 2nd to none, and our dog grooming is award-winning! Today, a little 5 month old Frenchy named Dexter waddled in and we wanted to share the many faces of Dexter while giving you an idea of our dog clothing, and accessory range! We are a great place for your Holiday Shopping and offer Bow Wow gift cards starting at $10!

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A Pet Shop in San Diego for all your Pet’s Needs

At Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe we are continuously scavenging for new vendors to increase our selection of clothing and accessories for your furry family member! Often, we have only 1 or 2 left of a certain item that we cannot reorder. That’s where the “Onsie-Twosie” sale comes in! Want 50% off a cute boutique item for your furry baby? Come on down and pick up a “Onesie-Twosie” item! We also have plenty of dog costumes for sale & last minute grooming appointments in our salon just in time for your Halloween Party! Visit our website for store hours and a sneak peak at our selection.

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Dog Costumes at Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe

Monsters, Chickens, Devils, Football Players, and Monkeys…Oh MY! Yup, it’s that time of year again when pet costumes, & Halloween dog costumes and their coinciding pet parades take over! This year at Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe we have some oldies and some newbies! They are trickling in every day…Stop by and check them out if you dare! -XOXO Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe

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Gourmet Dog Treats

Have you ever seen such beautiful dog treats? These dog treats are available at Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe for daily consumption! Yes, they are purrrfectly safe for Fido with all natural human grade ingredients! Pick up a dog cupcake for your Bellas’ 1st birthday or your next play date gift! They come individually wrapped with a candle if you are celebrating a birthday! Treats are made by My Best Friend Pet Treats locally in San Diego! Please visit our Dog Treat page to peruse our offerings or stop by!

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Furry Baby need a new “do”?

Call your pet groomer ASAP!

Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe excels in dog grooming, cat grooming, and providing the cutest goodies to keep your furry baby in fashion. Call or stop by we can’t wait to see you and your furry baby once again. If you want to keep up with our daily goings on such as cute photos, new products, and all things cute… get social with us on Facebook, we’ll be gentle, we promise!Call us at 619-692-0962 & press #5 for an appointment.

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Dog Grooming Tips to avoid a “Shave Down”

*HUMOR DISCLAIMER: Please note that our humor is quite tongue and cheek and not meant to offend anyone. Our current and potential clients are hip, stylish, open minded, and understand that our tips are meant to educate above all else!

In the world of dog grooming and dog boutiques like Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe we have our seasonal lows and highs like any other business. At Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe, Summer means two things… flea funerals and Summer shave downs. Thankfully we do both quite well! Today’s grooming tips are for the clients that want to keep a curly coated Fido looking fluffy without having to shave him down due to excessive matting. We try our utmost to avoid an unsightly looking shave down (or as we like to call it, a Super Model Cut), but when it comes to your dog’s fur coat our motto is, “Humanity before Vanity.” Now, we’ve heard every excuse in the book as to why your dog’s coat got that way but the simple truth is…ya just didn’t brush that coat! My favorite excuse is always blamed on a friend, lover, husband, wife, family member for not brushing the coat out while the client was on vacation for…THE LAST FOUR MONTHS. If you brush that curly coated dog and or visit your groomer in a timely manner (6–8 weeks,) and follow our tips below, we can keep that coat in tip top shape! Without further adieu, here are the top 5 dog grooming tips to keep your curly coated furry Fido continuously tangle free and fabulous in between grooming appointments…

  1. Visit Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe once every month (if even for a DYSW) so we can help you with that high maintenance curly coat!
  2. Not only brush, but COMB out the entire coat, not just what’s on the back. We have several combs that are dog friendly we recommend and sell frequently.
  3. Comb out high friction areas such as armpits, legs, bum, behind the ears, and face to avoid unsightly and painful matting. There’s no sense in just brushing the back and not all the other areas if we are going to have to shave those legs and leave your furry baby looking like a turtle!
  4. Brush at least 3 times a week. Watch TV and give your dog his or her favorite treat afterwards. This is great bonding time, and your furry baby will actually look forward to it if they get their favorite treat after each combing/brushing session.
  5. DO NOT let your curly coated dog air dry after a bath! This is the number 1 reason for a shave down. This type of matting is not salvageable 95% of the time and/or possible without taking out a 2nd mortgage to pay for the excessive matting fees. A curly coated dog must be brushed before the bath as well as brushed and completely blow dried after the bath. If not, the coat starts to tangle at the skin.

We hope this gives you some great insight. If you have any further questions, we look forward to hearing them. Call soon for your next furry beauty appointment!

Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe     619-692-0962


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Pinups, Puppies, & Posters, OH MY!

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App for Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe

We are so excited to announce our brand new “in-beta” Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe app! Keep track of your Grooming appointments, show photos of our shoppe to your friends and family, mingle with us on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and more! To download this app on your smartphone…click here, or open up your QR code reader (or download one for free from the app store), point it at our QR code and voila…. you can have our Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe app on your phone! We are so excited and hope you are too!

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Top 20 Pet Poisons in 2011

Are you a “sucker” for a begging dog? Does your dog look up at you with those big, round, desperate eyes waiting at your feet in the kitchen or dining room to pounce on dropped food scraps? You might want to resist giving those scraps up when you read the article below to find the list of the top 20 food items to contribute to pet poisoning every year. Ways to avoid giving into your furry baby’s whims is to buy the most premium dog treats and dog food. Many of the premium treats and dog food on the market is formulated and tested with your pets’ health and well being in mind. Stop by your nearby boutique & pet groomer; bowwowbeautyshoppe as we carry several choices in both categories and or can point you in the right direction!

Top 20 Pet Poisons in 2011

1. Chocolate
2. Raisins
3. Mushrooms
4. Xylitol (sweetener)
5. Grapes
6. Vitamins
7. Gum
8. Bones
9. Chicken
10. Macadamia Nuts
11. Sugar
12. Bread
13. Cake
14. Coffee
15. Corn Cobs
16. Dough
17. Meat
18. Rawhide
19. Salmon
20. Avocado
Source: March 2, 2012

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Cable TV channel for dogs? No joke!

San Diego is now the first test market to have a cable TV channel, DogTV, exclusively for dogs! As silly as this sounds…how many of you have ever left your TV tuned to The Animal Planet, or a radio on to keep your dog company while you are away all day earning a living? For the first few weeks this channel is gratis but not for long. If you’d like to appease your furry Prince or Princess, it’s gonna cost you $5 extra a month! Now, where is the phone number for that pet agent? Between premium pet food, her wardrobe, salon appointments at Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe, and Dog TV, this girl is gonna HAVE to get a job!

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