New Pet Grooming Apparel

As a result of our passion, inspiration, and love for the Pet Grooming Industry, we continue to design and create innovative fashion and pet grooming apparel for professional pet groomers! After showing our pet grooming apparel in Pasadena, and Atlanta we are poised to take the rest of the country by storm! Next stop…Las Vegas Baby! If you or anyone you know want to get your hands on our stylist wear, please go to our go to our sister website to order! Designs sell out quickly so hurry!

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Best selection of dog sweaters!

We know how important it is to keep Fido cozy and looking their best! We have classic dog sweaters, and new fashionable dog sweaters. Visit our dog boutique in San Diego to see the latest items we’ve received just for you! We even have big dog sweatshirts to keep those large-short haired dogs warm too!

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Pet Groomer Apparel | Designs by Groomers

pet groomer apparel, dog groomer apparel, pet grooming apparel, dog grooming apparelWe are very excited to announce the soft launch of our Pet Groomer Apparel. For years Pet Groomers have had few choices in Pet Grooming Apparel and most of the choices are not fashionable or made with quality! That’s why we are proud to put our brand name and reputation on our very own line of Pet Groomer Apparel designed by Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe with our own brand standards! We look forward to supplying the grooming industry with great options to look as Fabulous as the clients they groom!

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Grooming Apparel by Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe!

In order to keep our staff looking their best and filling a niche in the Grooming industry, we have designed our own private label line of Grooming Apparel for Groomers, Barbers, and Stylists alike! We will be adding several more silhouettes in the coming months to this line but thought we’d give you a sneak peak into the latest fashion in Pet Grooming Apparel! Plus, we couldn’t resist showcasing our own Rock-Star Groomer, Jessica! She looks amazing! Be one of the 1st cool Cats to wear our new line by shopping at our online store.

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Halloween Pet Costumes if you dare!

Pug Vader, Chickens, Butterflies, & has-been Rockstars…Oh MY! Yup, it’s that time of year again when pet costumes, & Halloween dog costumes and their coinciding pet parades take over! This year at Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe we have some oldies and some newbies! They are trickling in every day…Stop by and check them out if you dare! -XOXO Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe

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Dog Beer at Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe, San Diego, CA

As the Summer swiftly approaches, everyone is looking for good times, good eats, and good drink. Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe proudly supports responsible drinking with your pup by providing Bowser Beer for your canine companion! What better way to pass the lazy Summer days away than spending it throwing down a cold one with your best furry friend? Serve yourself out of our vintage refrigerators. Bowser Beer comes in singles and 6 packs to top off the perfect canine birthday party!

dog beer

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Traveling with Baxter

We’ve never uploaded this video, thought it might be fun! We’ve had a little renovation since then so come & check us out! Instead of a Dog-Wash & Hotel, we have an expanded boutique, dog bakery bar, and dog cakes!

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Grooming Dogs by Frazel

Grooming Dogs by Frazel Jefferson! You gotta love this dog groomer! Every rap gets better with time! Pet Groomers will love this video and clients will understand what Pet Groomers go through! -Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe

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February is Pet Dental Health Month

Pet dental health is very important to our furry clients at Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe in San Diego, CA! Bones, chew toys, and chewable items are no longer a substitution for taking care of your dogs’ pet dental health. Just like in humans, the well being of a dogs’ mouth can tell you a lot about his health from the inside out! Although dog toys, dog chews, and bones, are a great helper in this arena, nothing beats manual tooth brushing and an annual check up at your Veterinarian. In celebration of Pet Dental Health, we are offering simple teeth brushing for $8 for the month of February and you can take the toothbrush home with you! Bow Wow!

february is pet dental month

Tony after Teeth Brushing!

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Dog Bakery Bar serving up Holiday dog treats and cheer in San Diego, CA

Our updated Dog Bakery Bar is complete with 2 new and oh-so-fabulous vintage refrigerators! Help yourself to the most delightful dog cupcakes, dog cakes, and dog cookies to celebrate the Holidays, Dog Birthdays, or any other amazing event you can dream! While you’re here, pick up a dog sweater, dog stocking, or special dog toy for the Holidays! Your furry-baby will love you even more!

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